Miss American Pie

I came home from work last night and lo and behold BW was** making me a pie**! And I have to tell you she might have outdone herself. Look out cinnabon - you have competition.

Also, for those that are counting - this is pie number 2 for 2018.

In other news we dodged the ‘take apart the dashboard’ repair on my car. It turned out it had a clogged heater core but the mechanic was able to flush it out. If this didn’t work then the only other option would have been the 1000 dollar plus repair so that’s a big relief.

I’m not sure if the repair will hold over time but we can handle a $124.00 bill and cross our fingers. For the time being at least, the car has heat.

Today ended up being quite busy as I had to repair the garden hose. It was warmish (mid 40’s) out so I took the opportunity to wash some of the winter gunk off the garage floor. A 2 dollar trip to the hardware store resulted in a fixed hose and a cleaner garage floor.

Once that was done, I cleaned out and vacuumed out BW’s car and walked the dog.

And lastly, the dog got a new dog bed so she can hang out with me in my little basement office:

This brings the dog bed count up to four for her in the house. One of which is heated.

The dog does have seniority after all.

Until tomorrow.

TH and Co.