Memory RAM Price

Let’s get this cleared up right away, whatever the price – whether it’s the lowest price or the highest price it doesn’t really matter: Memory and RAM are the same thing and can be used or interchanged when talking about upgrades for your computer. RAM is an acronym for random access memory. See? the RAM name even has the word memory in the description.

But enough about that. What about the prices you say ?  You want memory prices (or ram prices) and that is why you’re here. You plunked some terms into google or bing or MSN or whatever search engine and you’ve landed here looking for (I’m going to guess here) the best ram prices for you computer.

Apple RAM

Congratulations! You’re here. At ramseeker all I do is track ram and memory prices from online stores you can trust (there was a time I would track prices from everybody, but oh boy the complaints).  Yes I said trust.

You’ve seen  the ‘lifetime guarantee’ stickers on the websites if you have been shopping for ram for any length of time. My first response to these guarantees is to ask ‘who’s lifetime?’  – mine or the store getting my money.

Well, let me tell you about all the memory stores on ramseeker. Every one has been in business selling and supporting nothing but memory (well, that’s a lie – a few sell hard drives and others stuff too)  and they have been in business for at very least: 10 years, most closer to 15 years and then in some cases over twenty years of experience selling ram at the best fair price they can, that is made and manufactured to exact specifications supplied by the manufacturer.

You really can’t go wrong regardless of  what memory price you choose if you stick  to my list of approved memory stores. In fact if the small chance you do buy memory from any one of the memory vendors I list on ramseeker and you do have a problem. ( I can remember 1 time in 13 years,  I think) I’ll help you to try and get it sorted out.

But that won’t happen if you use a memory store I list. The same can’t be said if you end up on eBay or craigslist and you buy some crappy memory from somebody somewhere else. If you buy cheap ram elsewhere that’s great but ask yourself how long they’ve been in business. I make my living with my computer. My time is money and I want to install the ram I can find at the best price and forget about ram and memory prices until I need to buy more ram.  I suggest you do the same and save yourself  a world of troubleshooting. Buy quality memory from quality ram stores and be happy with your purchase.  Yes it’s that easy to get the best memory price and be happy with your ram.