Memory for Mac Mini 2011


**Ram for Mac Mini 2011


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**2010 Apple Mac Mini Memory

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Mac Mini memory for the 2011 (well, OK..the 2010 Mac Mini as that’s the last time we’ve seen an Apple Mac Mini refresh) is sold either in individual memory modules or as Apple Mac Mini memory upgrade kits and with those two pages you should be able to, without much trouble find the best deal on Mac Mini RAM for your new Mac Mini.

Best Deal Mac Mini



Regardless whether you plan to use the Mac Mini as just the cheapest Apple computer you can buy today or if you plan on using the Apple Mac Mini as a fileserver for videos, photos or movies the Mac Mini will run faster, smoother and perform better overall with more RAM.

Thanks to the latest Mac Mini redesign which allows you to upgrade the Mac Mini RAM yourself without the added expense and hassle of having to have an Apple authorized dealer perform the ram upgrade for you, even if you are on the strictest budget you should upgrade the RAM to the maximum ram possible for one reason:

Mac Mini RAM is Cheap!

**But, hey don’t just take my word for it – check out the lowest prices on Mac Mini memory upgrades: **

I won’t talk about individual Mac Mini prices but as you can see from the chart above, it’s not to hard to max out your Mac Mini for less than $100 from a selection of high quality RAM stores, as that’s the only memory store I will work with – the guys you can trust to ship and sell you the best Mac Mini RAM at the best price they can and back it up with a warranty. There’s a list of the best memory stores in the top right corner where you can buy Mac RAM cheap.

When you’ve decided that you do need to ugprade the RAM on your Mac Mini, and you’ve bought it online and are ready to replace your old Mac Mini RAM the next step is to figure out how to do this Mac Mini memory upgrade yourself because for the first time since the Apple Mac Mini was introduced – you can upgrade the Mac Mini RAM yourself

In fact, the Mac Mini RAM Upgrade has to be one of the easiest Apple computers to upgrade and Apple even supplies you with instructions on how to boost the Mac Mini 2010 Memory

You can install up to 8GB of RAM in the 2010 Mac Mini in the two memory upgrade slots that are available, meaning you will have to buy 4GB RAM modules that are DDR3 SDRAM running at 1066MHz in a a 240 pin sodimm configuration. This is the exact same memory that’s used in the Apple iMacs, MacBook and MacBook Pros from 2010 as well. (The newest iMacs released last summer use DDR3 RAM which won’t work)

There are loads of memory stores that will sell you RAM cheap for the Mac Mini but 8GB upgrade kits for the Mac Mini should be priced under $100 from most memory upgrade vendors online today.

Now that Apple does not require you to open the Mac Min by voiding your warranty, the new 2010 Mac Mini is way easier to upgrade the memory on and I suggest you Max out the RAM on your Mac Mini for the fastest Mac Mini you can buy in 2011.