Meet Junior

Meet Junior.

He’s kindof cute, don’t ya think? He’s here visiting all the way from Argentina so I’ve been kindof busy here with all the kid wrangling and dog wrangling going on. Now, seeing as how Junior here is a: just over one year old  and b: he speaks spanish  - we have a bit of a language barrier. But, we don’t need no stinking travel dictionary to speak to each other because we speak the international language every kiddo speaks:



Ever since I introduced ‘ol brown eyes up there to my secret stash, we’ve been BFF.   Also, this little guy stays up late and parties like no other. It’s a good thing I bought the Jumbo cookie tin. That boy can knock ‘em back. ?

We don’t have kiddos over much and you forget just how un-kid friendly your house is until you introduce  a toddler to the mix. Not only is he at perfect licking height for the dog, he’s also perfect height to make a b-line for my stereo. I wasn’t home when it  happened, but apparently my little friend went straight to the stereo and turned it off! I’m still recovering of course because holy smokes somebody touched my stereo ! I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it. ?

But, now we’ve got the ‘dont’ touch’  thing figured we’re all good and speaking to each other   eating cookies together again.

He’s been keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure.

He’s also a really good help with watering the garden..

and speaking of which:


Yes sir, those are straight from our very own garden. Now, I only found one each so far,  so we have  a bit of a wait until we have a meal - or a bean salad even, but hey it’s a start. Our garden project actually produced real live vegetables ! We’re thrilled ?

Hope everybody  a good week.