Macintosh RAM

Why RAM for Macs?

Macintosh RAM are the ram prices I tend to monitor and track here on ramseeker and according to you guys, you are most interested in the best prices on Apple RAM too, even though I do track and monitor PC memory too which is common, some might say more common even than the Apple Products.

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Apple products **for me **work better, run smoother and over the past two decades I’ve been a Mac user I just prefer a Mac over a PC when it comes to buying a computer, so I work with the Memory upgrades that I know and work with daily. I’m using a Mac right now (MacBook Pro) as I write this.

There once was a time about decade or so where the RAM for Macs were actually different and you could not interchange Mac and PC RAM at all, but in 2011 the difference between Mac and PC memory has pretty much disappeared and PC memory will work in your Mac and vice versa. This assumes the technical requirements for Apple and PC RAM is the same. If you’re trying to install notebook memory for Mac into a PC desktop, this is a recipe for disaster. But if the new windows notebook takes the same ram as the Mac you already have, you could swap out the RAM between Apple and PC computers.

Some stores list their memory upgrades as Apple only, and tend to cater to the Apple customer more. RAMJET and OWC are two memory stores that have long supported and sold Apple RAM exclusively, where other vendors such as Crucial or 18004Memory also sell RAM for Macs but also carry RAM for Windows PC’s too.

Where to Buy Macintosh RAM

Apple RAM is available from a long list of stores where you can buy RAM so I won’t repeat myself. There’s also a list of the best memory stores in the top right corner of this page of where you can buy Macintosh RAM for less than what you would pay if you had bough RAM from Apple Computer directly.

**Cheapest Memory Prices for Macintosh RAM **

I have been monitoring Apple RAM Prices for longer than I’d care to admit so the list is long of all the Macintosh computers I check the best prices for and over the years as new Apple computers get released, I update the site with RAM for the newest Macintosh computers available, as I did recently with the latest i5 and i7 MacBook Pros, but I also monitor prices for the 2010 Macintosh Models too. MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro RAM prices are much cheaper when you buy ram online from some of the best RAM stores in the business today.