MacBook RAM: Where To Buy and Get The Best Price

MacBook RAM used to be expensive. Almost as much as the computer the ram was intended for if you can believe it. But, boy oh boy times have changed and now you can fill your MacBook with the maximum RAM for about the same price as a nice dinner out and you should skip the dinner and get the RAM.

Best MacBook Pro Price

Best Price on MacBook Pro

Different MacBook Memory Types

There’s essentially two different types of RAM for MacBook that could fit in your computer. If you have a new and  current MacBook, congrats as you have a very nice and cheap apple MacBook and  it only makes sense to fill that sucker with RAM. As much memory as you can fit in, which at the time I write this is 4GB of RAM. To get an Apple computer or Apple Notebook that takes 8GB of memory you will need to get a MacBook Pro but today we’re all about the MacBooks which in my opinion offer the best bang for your shopping dollar.

Where was I? Right, the newest MacBooks and anything from about 2008 and up take DDR3 1066 SDRAM dimms which are cheap cheap cheap right now and you buy enough ram to fill your MacBook for under $100. Even a year ago this would have cost you much much more than that – closer to $500 for MacBook RAM.

If you’ve got one of the first intel based MacBooks you probably need DDR2 PC5300 SDRAM and it’s pretty cheap too, in fact cheaper as these older MacBooks which came in both black and white configurations only could accept 2GB maximum, which is fine for web browsing or email or even some light photoshop or iMovie stuff too. Technically and according to Apple you can get 2GB max into these MacBook models but some of the later models would recognize 3gB of RAM which would require you to install a 2GB RAM for MacBook and a 1GB RAM for MacBook in the two slots.  This isn’t recommended by Apple, so I’m not going to suggest it either. You might be better off  just buying a new MacBook with a faster processor  if you need to use more than 2gb of RAM, or maybe even pick up the 13 inch MacBook Pro which will allow you even more RAM at 8GB

Where to Buy MacBook RAM

That one’s easy. You’re here. I’ve got convenient price lists made where you can compare prices on MacBook memory from a selection of vendors where you’ll not only get the best price on MacBook RAM but you can rest assured that the ram will come with a warranty and the entire buying process will be easy as pie no matter what ram you buy.

Here’s the price list for  MacBook 1066 DDR3 SDRAM or MacBook 1066 DDR3 SDRAM memory upgrade kits and here’s the list for the older MacBook RAM too: MacBook PC25300 DDR SDRAM memory upgrades and MacBook PC25300 DDR2 SDRAM upgrade kits.

Feel free to contact me at if you need any help getting the right ram for your computer or MacBook.