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I thought I’d take a minute or so and go over some MacBook Pro Memory upgrade options as Apple has this habit of calling every Pro MacBook they’ve released over the years MacBook Pro. Matte Screen, Glossy Screen, Santa Rosa, i3, i5, i7, Intel Core 2 Processors the list goes on and on.

If you’re buying a new MacBook Pro 13 inch, 15 inch, or 17 inch doesn’t matter. They all take the same RAM or Memory and that’s 1066 DDR3 sodimms. You can buy the ram from the Apple store (if you’ve got money to burn) or you can buy it from reputable third party vendors that you can trust such as: RAMJET, OWC, 18004Memory, MemoryX, OEMPCWORLD and Memory To Go. All these online memory stores know all about MacBook Pros  and what RAM goes where.

Best MacBook Pro Prices

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I’ve made a handy dandy little list of MacBook Pro DDR3 1066 RAM Prices and also, MacBook Pro DDR3 1066 Memory Upgrade Kits. I suggest you check out both pages to get the best deal on ram for a new (or new-ish) MacBook Pro.

For the older MacBook Pros you’ll need PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM sodimms. This sounds like a mouthful of  technical jargon and it is but if you’ve got an older MacBook Pro  (older than  two years old) than there’s a good chance you need the PC5300 DDR MacBook Pro RAM as opposed to the newer 1066MHz  MacBook Pro RAM.

And, again I happen to have a handy list of all the memory stores you can buy MacBook Pro RAM from for both MacBook Pro PC5300 DDR memory upgrade kits and MacBook  Pro PC5300 DDR modules priced individually.

Why the difference between the modules and the memory upgrade kits? Because over time I have found some stores list all their memory upgrades as memory modules yet others chose to market their ram upgrades as kits. You need to upgrade MacBook Pro RAM 2 at a time anyway (or at least, it’s recommended to do so) so it makes sense to sell the MacBook Pro RAM in matched pairs.

If you have no idea what RAM for the MacBook Pro you should be shopping for one quick and easy way is  to go to the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your screen (we’re assuming you’re on your MacBook now) and select about your Mac. You’ll get information about your processor and memory at the same time and from there it’s easy to see as Apple tells you what ram speed you’re running and what type – exactly what you need to figure out what RAM is best for your specific MacBook Pro model.

Here’s my MacBook info as an example:

MacBook pro ddr3 1066 ram

If you need any help with your MacBook Memory Upgrades don’t hesitate to contact me at jim at and I’m happy to help you get the right ram for your MacBook Pro