MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade

As desktop computers become more and more obsolete and notebook computers more and more powerful, especially in the case of Apple Computer and their notebooks that offer processing speed and performance unheard of only a few short years ago more and more Apple customers new and old are looking to upgrade their MacBook Pros with a

I mean ram upgrades for MacBook Pros, not hard drive upgrades for MacBook Pros although those are a good idea with larger hard drives for MacBook Pros being available and newer SSD technology maturing where you get even faster performance out of your MacBook Pro than you ever could with a traditional hard drive.

But for today I mean ram upgrades for your MacBook pro. Just a few short years ago, heck even one year ago MacBook Pro RAM or Memory – especially the 8GB MacBook Pro RAM would set you back a pretty penny, with costs for ram hovering about $1000 to max out your MBP.

MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade


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But over time the bigger ram chips or modules get cheaper and cheaper and now 8GB Memory Upgrade Kits aren’t priced too high. OK, they’re still pretty expensive when you compare them to 4GB RAM for MacBook Pros and I bet there’s more fun ways to spend your money like on a new iPhone or iPad but for just a few hundered dollars you can achieve maximum performance and speed from your professional MacBook from Apple.

And why not upgrade the ram on your MacBook Pro? You already forked over $2000 or more to buy the MacBook pro so what’s a few hundred more? In fact, some memory stores will offer you credit for your old MacBook Pro RAM which makes your MacBook Pro memory upgrade even cheaper.

Let’s assume you manage to get $50 for your old ram.  (This is just a guess). As I write this MacBook Pro 8GB Memory Upgrade Kits go for about $250 online. For $200, or less than 1/10th of what you paid for your MacBook Pro in the first place you could be rockin’ it with a MacBook Pro running at full speed. No more annoying  apple multi-colored wheel or progress bar while you wait for your Mac to catch up. This is especially important for processor intensive tasks such as iMovie or Photoshop users.

It always amuses me when I get people looking for the best deal on ram for MacBook or the cheapest MacBook pro ram. It’s my opinion that a MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade is worth it at any cost with today’s ram prices.