MacBook Pro DDR3 Memory Upgrade Review

The Apple MacBook Pro is a fantastic computer, no doubt about it. I have, and use one and have stuck with Apple notebook computers since the PowerBook 165c (which I paid something silly like $5000 for back in the day).

But the Apple MacBook needs one thing to run at the maximum speed this computer is capable of and that’s the fact that adding more memory to your MacBook Pro will increase the performance and offer the best bang for buck than any other upgrade possible you could get for your Apple Notebook. Adding and installing more memory in your Apple MacBook Pro is better than buying USB flash drives, installing software, adding a bigger hard drive in your MacBook Pro (this might be the 2nd best upgrade you could do) or anything else you might think makes your MacBook Pro run faster and well, better.

See Best Price on MacBook Pro

Best Price on MacBook Pro

One question I get asked is a lot is:** Is all MacBook Memory is the same**?.

The answer is No. What you’re looking for when buying memory for your MacBook Pro is




Chances are you’re here because you want the best price on MacBook Pro RAM you can find, and you’re not alone – I compare MacBook Pro RAM Prices for both individual modules and MacBook Pro memory upgrade kits, so it only makes sense that you want to spend less and get more when you’re ready to buy MacBook Pro RAM.

But price is only one part of the equation. I’d put quality at the top of the list instead.  Who wants to buy crappy ram? I don’t, and I don’t track memory store prices from memory vendors that do. Quality to me means that RAM for your MacBook Pro is built with high quality parts to the exact specifications that Apple requires for Apple MacBook memory. And that’s what you should be looking for when ram shopping. Not the best ram  price, quality ram priced right.

Lastly, (and I’m a huge fan of this)  is support. Without this, you’re dead in the water. You want to buy memory from  a memory store you can trust that in the rare case you do have MacBook Pro RAM problems you can return the memory knowing that the store you bought the MacBook Pro memory will stand behind the product and help you resolve your issue if the case needs it.

**Where and What MacBook Pro Memory **to Buy is really up to you to decide, but I can recommend memory stores that are established and can be trusted to help you when you’re ready to buy MacBook Pro Memory Upgrades