MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Memory

Wow. 8GB RAM for Apple MacBook Pros sure have dropped over the past year or so. I think it was the fall of 2008 when the Unibody 17 inch MacBook Pro was released from Apple as it was the very first Apple MacBook Pro to accept and acknowledge 8GB of RAM Memory Upgrades.

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Cheap 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

With 8GB of RAM installed inside a MacBook Pro you could essentially use the MacBook Pro as a desktop replacement – especially the 17 inch version of the Apple MacBook Pros with it’s super big and bright LCD display you really didn’t need an external monitor or any other third party display (of course you could hook up the Apple MacBook Pros to an Apple Cinema Display and really benefit from the maxed out ram and you would have two displays to see all your work at a glance.)

But the downside of buying 8GB of RAM for MacBook Pros back then was the price. To buy 8GB of RAM for the Apple MacBook’s you’d have to fork over almost one thousand of your hard earned dollars to upgrade the ram in your MacBook pro to the maximum ram avialable. Heck you could pretty much buy a MacBook for the same price as some memory stores were charging for MacBook Pro RAM at the time.

But good things come to those who wait – especially in  the  technical or computer  industry where the rule is that the stuff gets faster and bigger while the price usually gets cheaper.  And for those looking to buy RAM or Memory that’s a good thing because now your MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Memory upgrade isn’t all that pricey – especially when you compare it to years past where you would have to pay a pretty hefty premium to be able to use and afford 8GB of Memory in a MacBook Pro.

As I check the latest ram prices on ramseeker I find that at the time of writing,  I can grab 8GB of RAM from many memory stores that are trusted and recommended, such as other world computing, Memory X, 18004Memory, Data Memory Systems and Crucial Technology  – they all offer 8GB of RAM KITs for a pretty good deal – especially when you combine the 8GB RAM and install it in a new MacBook Pro (Spring 2010).  As I write this, the best price for 8GB of RAM for MacBook Pros go for about $250.00 which is a far cry from the $1000 or so you would pay just a year or so ago.

MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Prices sure have dropped over time.