MacBook Pro 8GB DDR3

With the latest and greatest new MacBook Pro models released by Apple earlier this spring (2010) one of the best features in my opinion was that the new Apple MacBook Pros could now be fitted with 8GB of RAM, DDR3 1066 RAM specifically made for the Apple MacBook Pros.

I’ve been listing the DDR3 ram for MacBook and MacBook Pro for quite some time now,  but it’s only  been since oh, April 2010 that the 8GB RAM for Apple MacBook Pros really became to be in demand and popular. You probably found this page by searching for MacBook pro ram or ram for MacBook pro or ddr3 ram or 8gb ddr3 and I won’t disappoint you: you can find the best price on  MacBook Pro 8GB DDR3 RAM.

Cheap 8GB DDR3 for MacBook Pro

On the page where I list the 8GB MacBook Pro RAM you’ll be looking at MacBook Memory upgrades that are marketed as memory upgrade kits but you shouldn’t dismiss the fact that you might be able to get a better price on MacBook Pro ram by searching for 2x4GB memory upgrades and doing the math yourself.

The memory stores that are online  and carry MacBook Pro RAM are different for each and every one of them as some memory shops prefer to list the MacBook Pro memory  as individual module as it makes it easier for them to list the ram prices individually regardless of what you need – even if you need to install the ram in matched pairs.

Other stores are a bit more savvy with the marketing so they market memory as kits which could result in a higher sale per order. If they can sell you two memory modules instead of one they will. There’s nothing wrong with memory shops trying to increase their memory sales, just like there’s no problem with you wanting to get the best deal you can on MacBook Pro RAM.

And you can get the best deal on ram but you should check both the 4GB memory modules for MacBook Pro in addition to the MacBook Pro 8GB memory kits as there’s a chance one or the other might be the better memory deal for you. ram prices change over time sometimes a memory vendor selling MacBook pro memory upgrade kits will have the better deal and some times its memory modules end up being the better ram deal.