MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: What to Buy in 2015?

What is the Best Apple Notebook

<code>[The 11 inch MacBook Air ]( is my portable computer choice.

I have been shopping for a new Mac recently and lately it’s come down to two choices:

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

Both are really designed for different purposes and different price points and I would like to compare both and see what one would really fit my needs. I mostly just work with text now and really don’t need the extra cost of the MacBook Pro but when shopping for a new computer I like to sit down and write about what might be the best choice for me.

##Pros for the MacBook Air


I am leaning towards the 11 inch MacBook Air and probably the cheapest model. I am finding that I don’t need a whole lot of processing power in a notebook computer and the 11 inch MacBook Air retails for just $899.00 vs $1299.00 for the 13 inch MacBook Pro.

In both cases I would buy the cheaper of the two models. I find that with the technology changing so fast, unless you need the power the value of the higher end models is not worth it to me.


The MacBook Air is smaller both in physical size and weight, and although I do the vast majority of my work at a desk it would be nice to tuck the notebook under my arm and use it as a portable computer from time to time, and the MacBook Pro is much heavier at almost 3.5 lbs vs the 2.4lbs of the MacBook Air.

That’s about all the MacBook Air has going for it for me – size and price, with price being the dominant factor. Assuming you get 2 years out of the MacBook Air, the financing works out to $43.00 a month or about $1.50 a day to get into the MacBook Air.

Pros for the MacBook Pro

The Display

Not only is the display on the MacBook Pro bigger it’s also better on the MacBook Pro with it’s retina IPS display vs the older TN technology of the MacBook Air. If you’re going to stare at the MacBook Pro for hours on end then it might be worth it to spend the $400 premium of the MacBook Pro to get the much sharper and brighter retina display. The display also offers much more real estate, which I don’t think I really need. I just write and any display frankly will do me for the work I do. One might argue that the MacBook Pro offers more room to work but I don’t see the smaller MacBook Air display to be that big of a hindrance.

The Speed

This is another area the MacBook Pro will blow the doors off the MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro is fitted with a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor vs the 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5

Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz. If you need to do a lot of higher end work like image editing and video, both of these I don’t do – then it might be worth the upgrade


The MacBook Air is smaller and cheaper, but slower and the display isn’t half as nice.

The MacBook Pro is faster and has a bigger and much nicer display.

You really can’t go wrong with both but if you’re just working with text like I tend to be lately you really can’t go wrong with the 11 inch MacBook Air as it’s the only Apple notebook you can buy new for under $1000. Even the fancy new and thin MacBook has a $1300 price tag.

Some may argue that the MacBook Air is older technology and is a 2010 computer filled with 2015 innards and not much else has changed. The screen is still sub par and much smaller but the weight and power and overall value of the MacBook Air is hard to beat at about $45.00 a month.

On the other hand if you can afford or justify the better display and the higher cost the MacBook Pro can be had for just $62.00 a month, or about two dollars a day over the 2 year finance rate. If you can cough up the extra $15.00 a month and need the more power and the much nicer display then the MBP is the way to go.

But for me, I really can’t justify the extra cost of the MacBook Pro when the MacBook Air looks to be the perfect blogging and writing machine and that’s what I tend to do the most of in 2015. I think I will spend my money on the MacBook Air this time around when buying a new Apple notebook this year.