MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro for 2012.

Way back in August of 2011 I wrote about whether I should buy a new MacBook Pro today or whether I should wait for the 2012 MacBook Pros to arrive (I’ll wait – there has to be a new MacBook Pro released any day now)

But this got me thinking. What if you can’t wait to buy a MacBook Pro and you need one now? Do you go with the MacBook Air instead of MacBook Pro?

**2012 MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro **

To start, I’m comparing the 13 inch versions of these models as there isn’t a 15 inch MacBook Air and it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple discontinued the 17 inch MBP any day now. So this leaves us comparing the 2012 Apple MacBook Pro vs the 2012 MacBook Air – both with 13.3 inch displays.

**Advantages of MacBook Air


Weight. It weigh less and for a portable computer this may be your buying decision right there.

Hard Drive Speed. The SSD drive smokes the standard hard drive in the MacBook Pro

Newer Technology when it comes to Airport speed and bluetooth technologies.

Advantages of MacBook Pro

Weight. I don’t care what the marketers would like you to believe – that extra pound and a half is a lot when it’s digging into your shoulder

Price. The MacBook Pro is cheaper by $100.

Speed. The MadcBook Pro is faster with a 2.4GHz processor compared to the MacBook Air’s 1.7GHz

Memory.You can upgrade the MacBook Pro with more RAM. the MacBook Air you’re stuck with the default 4GB for the lifetime of the computer.

Optical Drive. The MacBook Pro has one.

Facetime HD video camera

Thunderbolt port

Backlit Keyboard

Way more connections on the MacBook Pro. The Air is limited to thunderbolt and USB 2.0 and headphone and microphone.

As you can see, the advantage of the Air over the Pro this year so far is far lighter and the zippy SSD drive.

If you can handle the extra weight of the MacBook Pro, that’s the one I would buy. It’s $100 cheaper and less if you buy the MacBook Pro at Amazon. It all depends on how you plan on using your notebook. For me, I plug the notebook into a LED display and external hard drive and only unplug it for couch surfing or the odd trip out for coffee for a change of scenery.

I vote for the MacBook Pro.