Mac RAM: What Should I Buy For My Model?

When shopping for Apple Memory, I’m the first to admit that it can be confusing to determine what memory you need to buy for your specific Apple Computer.

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I list memory by model type and then by memory type, so for the current Apple iMac models I list memory like this : iMac (DDR3 1333). This means that the memory prices on this page are for iMac and are the newer DDR3 1333Mhz required for the 2010 iMacs. I could list memory prices by year, but this does not work in all cases: 2010 Mac Pros models can accept both DDR3 1066MHz memory as well as DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM dimms so listing memory by year does not work or apply.

Most memory stores offer either an application that you can download and run for your computer which will tell you what RAM you need, but these tend to be geared towards th PC market over the Mac.  Memory configurators are another easy way to determine what Apple memory you need as all you do is select what Apple computer model (you will still need to know this, at minumum) you need to upgrade and then the memory configuration system returns a list of compatible memory upgrades for your Apple Mac.

Other World Computing is one of the more mac-specific memory resellers and their website is designed to easily help you find the memory you need. The other vendors tend to use the memory configuarators and  such, which are good but you still need to be able to determine what specific Apple computer you own or want to upgrade memory for.

Crucial Technology is another memory store which despite it’s more corporate feel does offer an Apple Memory Upgrade Tool to help you determine the memory upgrades you need for your Mac.

Both of these memory stores offer a mac specific page or pages dedicated to upgrading the memory and ram on your Apple Computer with ease and make it easy for you to determine what ram to buy for your mac model