Lost and Found


I guess it had to happen eventually this winter. I lost a pair of gloves. If I had to guess they’re in a shopping cart somewhere at Wegmans. It’s the last place I can think of where I had them.

This isn’t that big of a deal I guess, as they were just cheap winter gloves and not some high-tech ski glove so this is a problem that a bit of money can fix.

Thankfully, today was quite pleasant - Well, at least in Buffalo terms.  We actually saw 32 degrees and sunshine and  I even think I saw some snow try to melt.  It was so **hot **out that on the way home I washed th  car.

So if there was a day to lose gloves then I could have picked a worse day.  Losing these gloves still bothers me though because I’m a grown man and by theory should be able to keep track of things that were **just on your hands. **

I have new gloves coming (Thanks to Amazon Prime) so crisis averted.

Maybe I should have ordered one of these too so I tdon’t lose these as well.