Looking for the Best Price on a MacBook Pro?

Best Price MacBook Pro I usually stick to just tracking memory prices for Apple products, and that includes the powerful notebook computers that Apple has named (and it looks like will continue this naming) the MacBook Pro. But before you  can add ram to MacBook Pro you have to buy a MacBook Pro and I got asked this question today so I thought rather than reply via email that others might have the very same question too.

I just don’t get why you would pay full MSRP for a MacBook Pro when with about three seconds work you can get a better deal or even the best price on a MacBook Pro.

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Apple’s pretty fussy on who they allow to sell their products and you will rarely find any silly deals on MacBook Pros for current shipping MacBook Pros as Apple has something that they call MAP or minimum advertised price, so if you’re a store selling MacBook Pros you can’t just slap any old price on there. This keeps the new MacBook Pro prices all the same for the most part.

But like anything in life there’s always exceptions. :) One way to get a deal on a MacBook Pro is to buy a MacBook Pro from Amazon. Because Amazon  is so well known, and  even more so than even buying a MacBook Pro from Apple –  you know you’re going to get a good deal on MacBook Pro just because Amazon controls so much of the online marketplace. Amazon sells so much more than books these days and you can buy not only a MacBook Pro but you could also buy RAM and a case at the same time and Amazon has to be the best place for bundling MacBook Pros with other stuff  you might need and they also recommend other MacBook Pros or even MacBooks for a better deal than what you’d pay from the Apple Store.

I don’t know but to me it makes no sense to pay full load for the very same computer just to have the privilege of buying your MacBook Pro from the Apple Store when you’re just a few clicks away from saving money on a MacBook Pro when you buy one from Amazon. Even if  you only get a small discount you still get great customer service and a MacBook Pro for your hard earned money, which is what you wanted anyway: **The best price on a MacBook Pro **

If I were you: I’d** Buy the MacBook Pro at Amazon** and then visit right here for the best deals on MacBook Pro RAM. A match made in heaven. :)