Look What We Made!

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See those vegetables up there? Those came out of what once was this:

which we managed to turn into this with a lot of hard work (not to be confused with this hard work, or maybe this too)

and after waiting and hoping that we acutally would see a vegetable out of our vegetable garden, we have finally been rewarded

And I have to tell you, there’s nothing better than a fresh home grown tomato - even if  it was the size of a marble - and  all the others that are ripening are the same size  too - here, have a look:

see? they are not very big at all.

Then came the question of what to do with the beans and peas. Oh, the peas turned out to be snap peas instead of plain old green peas. All the better and a perfect ingredient for a stiry fr y - we decided the best way to enjoy the fruits, er, veggies of our labor was to make  a stir fry. And, we had  some chicken out, and the purchasing department says we can’t go grocery shopping until we eat what’s in the freezer first, so chicken stir fry it is.

And I have to tell you, with our fresh picked veggies,  it was delicious! I really do eat well here on the island.

Now, the bad  news:

Our peas are sucking wind. I don’t know if we’re overwatering them or they don’t get enough sun, but the stir fry could very well have been our last supper when it comes to getting  any more snap peas out of our garden this summer.

Pea issues aside, we’re so happy we started this garden and it’s been not only a whole  lot of fun, it’s cheap (well, OK - you’re looking at $100 bowl of veggies there so far, but the summers’ not over yet) It took us about five weeks to get to the stage where we could pick something and there’s still another couple months before the growing season is over.

Beets might be next - stay tuned.