Like Pulling Teeth

This was the view from the garage today when I went to warm up the car so it would be warm when we got it in it and we would be on time for my dental implant appointment.

You would think that I would not want to take photos at 7am when I have impending dental work but you see I was waiting for my wife to get out the door. Soo….I waited and waited.

We work well in a lot of situations, and have a lot of fun together but one thing we don’t agree on is leaving the house together in the morning and especially when the departure time should be.

Me? I like to leave early.

BW on the other hand **prefers to be asleep. **

I deliver coffee to BW in bed every morning and this morning was no different and I gave her plenty of time to get out the door but it’s still like pulling teeth trying to have her leave on the time I prefer.

All I know is that this morning was not our shiniest and happiest for a few minutes there. Let’s just say it wasn’t just icy outside but inside the car too.

I was over caffeinated and more than a little apprehensive about my upcoming appointment and it wasn’t helping any that Google kept updating the traffic data with longer and longer times in traffic, and BW was still trying to figure out why she was awake.

I started to get antsier and antsier as I didn’t want to be late. I hate being late.

While I was waiting in the car, I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to go and check and see where she was.

“I’m right behind you” has a different definition for each of us it seems. I’ll leave it there.

But I made it on time (turns out BW was right) and I was in and out of the dental surgeons in a half an hour with one less tooth and one more dental implant.

BW? She went and had waffles. Because when you have a crappy morning waffles fixes everything.

Me? I’m on the soup diet.