Let's Do Something

Sunday am.

I’m on coffee number, oh…we’ll say eleven and am having a lazy lazy morning online when I hear it:  B rustling out of bed.

I do my husbandly duty of coffee delivery and think I can go about my day -  but nope. A few minutes  later, with her coffee fully ingested  and she’s awake, I hear :

“Hey Jim! come here!” .

This, dear readers is never good to hear as it can mean I am painting or laying sod or some other duty that does not involve fresh coffee and internet access and general laziness

This time, this translated to the today’s title: “Let’s do something”. It was nice out,  and  she was right  we should do something and go outside because it’s summertime now and won’t be for long. Before we know it  - it’ll be winter again in no time.

At first, we thought berry picking might be kind of fun but realized that due to our her late start it would be mid afternoon so we are saving that adventure for next weekend we think. And then we found it:  a rib festival at the Erie County Fairgrounds.

Perfect, we thought.

After we parked the car, and on the way to the gate a woman approached us and asked: “Are you going to the fair?” I think the giveaway was we were the only couple walking to the gate from the parking lot, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, she had some coupon that got four in for ten dollars, so she couldn’t go or something so she wanted to sell it to us for five dollars, as she had paid ten. It sounded fishy to me and if I were alone I would have just told her no, not interested but when the financial advisor is with me, I do what I’m told and just paid this stranger in the parking lot five bucks. I’m thinking this is a scam and I’m out five bucks, but whatever.

We get to the gate and hand this sad looking printout to the gatekeeper and what do you know?

We’re in.

We’re Here For The Ribs 

The other stuff like hemp tattoos and petting zoos didn’t really interest us and we sure as heck were not going to fill up on cotton candy when we can get a rack of ribs, but  we did see a few things at the fair like:

Home made jam

and  harley’s

and some things with a little less horsepower

but we wanted one thing: food.

And when we say the above we thought “oh no! closed!”

But we kept walking and then we started to see a few hints that we might be getting closer: (great name, I think)

so we kept walking, and there it was:

The sign from above.

and when they display pig trophies, you know the food is good

and it was.

And I put the camera away and well, ate a rack of ribs, and when we were done we felt like:

and  just wanted to go home and have a nap:

But instead we left with a song in our heart

And a spring in our step.

The End.