LawnMower Man

File this under: I told you so. ?

It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while a husband is right. Or, at very least gets to prove his worth. Even if it’s ever so slightly.

About 60 days or so - just before BW went away I got it in my head that I would sell riding lawnmowers online.

You can imagine BW’s eyes rolling back in her head as I come up with yet another half baked idea.

But this time I had a thought. A riding lawn mower costs $1500 on Amazon. I wondered: do people actually buy riding lawnmowers online? There’s only one way to find out, I thought so I created a website and one page was all about riding lawnmowers, and now that I am Mr. Suburbia and know all about there is about a riding lawnmower, and actually can tell what brand of riding mower it is due to the color (Yellow for Cub Cadet, Red for Toro, Orange for Husqvarna). So writing about riding lawnmowers wasn’t too hard. I grabbed a few photos of riding mowers, wrote a few paragraphs and left it.

A few weeks later: I sold one. “I told you so”, I told BW.

Here’s the fun part: A riding lawnmower sale is worth more to me in commission than a commission on a 2013 Honda Civic. And, I can write about mowers in my underwear and not have to deal with sales managers, customers, test drives…etc.

And then -  I lucked out and sold another mower online. I was on a roll.

Or so I thought. But then, I got greedy and put a few too many ‘buy me’ buttons on the site so the ads vs content ratio was kind of high.

I live and die by Google and what they think about my sites and how relevant they are to the search. For example: I rock for “Tidy Husband”. In fact I OWN google for tidy husband because it’s not searched for and has no real commercial value (but you can  buy tidy husbands, I hear). Anyway  - search for ‘tidy husband’ and every link, photo on the front page

tidy husband - Google Search

Now, If I could do this for the search term ‘debt relief” or “car insurance” or something that people actually searched for I’d be writing this from a lawn chair on my own island in FIJI.

Back the lanwmowers: Google came by, saw that my site didn’t have real value with big buttons all over the site and slapped me silly. I was gone for the search engines and instead of getting hundreds of searches for lawnmowers and the like, I got zero.

Now it’s BW’s turn to tell me “I told you so”.


So, I had read in my travels that if this happens you can try removing the buy me links and buttons and hope things return.

No luck.

Until today about noon:

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 6.53.43 PM


It seems that Google has deemed me worthy once again with my excellent reviews on riding mowers and has brought my site back to the front page after a holiday away and the “I told you so” score is slightly again in my favor once again for the time being.

Not that I’m counting. ?

Also, for all you husbands out there - you might want to consider picking up your socks.