Lawn School and Old Skool.

Lawn School

One minute, your life is humming along just fine, the birds are chirping and then all your  hard work  can be wiped out in a second:

Nice hack job , eh? Sigh. I’ve spent the past month or so watering our newly placed sod day in and day out and within seconds all my efforts are wiped out. Let me  explain:

We have had zero rain this summer.  None. In fact, the rest of the lawn looks like this:

I didn’t hack this part up because I didn’t have to. There’s nothing to cut as there’s nothing to grow. But despite the fact that our entire front and back yard looks like this, the weeds grow and it’s also been a month since I cut the lawn due to the lack of rain so I also just wanted to be sure the riding mower would still start. I was doing great, and  although I was a complete newbie at the beginning of the summer when it comes to lawn care, I’ve gotten a feel for the mower and thickness settings for every other part of the lawn  - except for this:

There’s a lot of reasons why this happened, but because this is fresh sod that’s watered daily as compared to the rock hard dirt our grass (or, what was our grass) sits on - as soon as I rolled over the new sod and felt the mower sink I knew it was too late to save myself. The damage has been done. If you look closely you’ll see the roots for the grass, so here’s hoping it grows back and I can re-evaluate my grass cutting technique and mower settings again to compensate for the softer ground. At least we didn’t spend six hundred dollars for this. Even with my hack job, six hundred dollars buys a lot of replacement sod if need be. It’s a good thing we’re going to be here for a while.

Today’s lesson? You get what you pay for.

Old Skool

A couple cool things showed up in the mail recently, so I thought I’d share. BW puts her shoe purchases on facebook, so I can show off a toy or two, I figure.

Exhibit A:  Technics ST-S3 Quartz Synthesizer FM/AM Stereo Tuner

This old Technics tuner showed up in the mail today. It’s actually for my good friend Gord but I’m trying it 0ut before it goes to live at his house.

Look at those champagne buttons. 1980 was a great time to be a stereo enthusiasts. I remember poring over Stereo review magazines at stuff just like this.

Digital was still cool.


Exhibit B:  Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6

I picked up this Nikon autofocus lens for a whopping $26.00 (please don’t tell her how much). Introduced in 2001, it’s not quite as old as the stereo above, but for the price I paid and the cheezy plastic design, I’m very pleased with this lens - all the stereo photos above were taken with this 11 year old zoom lens for well under $100. One of the reasons I shoot Nikon is that every lens from photo school in 1990 still works just fine with modern digital cameras, as do all other lens from 1977 and newer.

Here’s a few sample photos from my twenty-six dollar lens:


These are all flowers that we grew, the snail too. ?  All in all, a good  day today - If only I could get my lawn mowing technique down..