Kingston Memory vs Crucial Memory: Which Memory Brand is Best?

When I started ramseeker, the computer ram I compared the most was generic  memory and not RAM from brand name memory  like Crucial or Kingston Memory  as ram for both desktop and notebook computers was so expensive that it made no sense to install brand name memory in your PC or Mac when the generic memory would work just  as well.

 Then, RAM Prices Dropped

And all of sudden you could consider buying brand name ram from manaufacturers that no only sell the memory but make it too. I like to think that even though all the memory stores on ramseeker are on the up and up, buying name brand ram for you  computer just feels, well a little more secure.

It used to be that the brand name memory from Crucial was very expensive – in part due to the fact that they advertised heavily to create a brand. Crucial has only been around since the early 90’s. Compared to other industries, the RAM business is quite young.

Both of the memory brands –  Kingston or Crucial offer something generic sellers really can’t compete with and that’s customer support and warranty. Because these two brands make their own memory upgrades it’s easier for them to support the memory in the rare case of a problem with the RAM upgrade.

Asking which memory brand is better is kind of like asking the chicken or egg question. There’s no right answer. This i  ford versus chevy, or republican vs democrat – you’ll tend to favor one brand over the other. I have found that Crucial memory to be a little easier to buy online than Kingston but this is changing too as both Kingston Memory and Crucial Memory are on sale and a fraction of the price they were just one year ago.

One More Brand

Another memory brand you should consider when you’re ready to buy memory is Corsair memory. These folks used to charge an arm and a leg for RAM, but now tend to be one of the cheaper memory brands you can buy today.