Just Another Manic Monday

A lot going on today here at fuzzy dog HQ, but I’ve been told not to blog about things just yet  so…what to write about?  While I decide, here’s a pic of my sandwich I had for lunch:

Looks pretty good eh? I didn’t almost have this, because it caught on fire.  I had tossed it into the toaster oven and  then turned my back on it and then B pops around the corner and says “Jim, your  sandwich is on fire”. So, a few hectic moments but we saved said sandwich and it was delicious.

About the Income  

Last month I had shared my income  with you guys, but I don’t think I’ll continue because a: who cares?  and b  it’s not much.


I have the most fun with this site and others I  have  because  I do indeed make money with websites just like these. Heck, even with the very few visitors I get here I made a whopping 4 bucks last month. The month prior I made five dollars. What does this mean?** It means I broke even!** The domain name cost me ten dollars so I’m now running at a profit from here on in. Call me Mr. Moneybags:)

One of the coolest parts I like about what I do for a living is that I advertise stuff from Amazon and then folks like you click a link like this and if you buy anything from Amazon after you visit one of my links I get a commission. Usually, it’s  for computer stuff which is no surprise  - but because Amazon sells everything from doritos to lawn tractors I get some commissions on  some pretty neat weird stuff I didn’t know even existed. So, with that  in mind, I present to you:

Stuff I sold on Amazon While You Weren’t Looking 

Up first we have socks. Here, they disappear faster than you can say “venus transfer” and if you’re like us we seem to go through lots of socks, and these Carhartt Men’s Work Wear Flat Knit socks in a 3 pack look a whole lot nicer than anything I’ve got in the drawer here, that’s for sure.

Of course if you’re ready to buy new socks you’d better buy new underwear too because, well - you just should.

Moving on..

Men’s Cologne. Remember That? Yeah. I don’t know if it’s just because we have different priorities or what but Cologne has been off our radar for so long. But I’m not the market and I bet some young whippersnipper bought the Thallium By Jacques Evard For Men to impress the ladies or kills the flies in their apartment.

Holy Smokes! Over a hundred bucks for a book! I’m so used to paying about ten bucks on Amazon for a Kindle book and I never got to get a higher education that required books this pricey and I think I’m thankful for that as it would be a drag to cough up that for a book. But…the person who bought this book on calculus probably has a fantastic career ahead of them. Good Luck (just go light on the cologne).

We got our first flyer in the mail today for back to school already so I guess it’s time to start thinking about back to school notebooks and this 15 inch Acer notebook is one of the best notebooks you can buy today under $400.00. With a 15 inch screen, 4GB of RAM and a 500gb hard drive it’s got more than enough power to send your kid off to surf facebook school.

These are a really good deal on frypans from a brand name kitchen manufacturer and at a really good price too. I’m not sure what math books, frypans and socks and even a big box of doritos go together but this is just a taste of the stuff I sold online this month that has absolutely nothing to do with the electronics but I not only  get a small commission on these sales, It’s also a hoot to start my day and see you bought an elvis painting. 

I get paid very little for most of these items.. usually pennies or a dollar or so but because it’s Amazon and they sell everything there’s a good chance that you’ll need something from there once I send you there. I do this with little pressure - take the frypans for example - I just highlight the fact this product is a really good deal for name brand pans that won’t stick and maybe, just maybe, you’ll click and buy’em. If not, I tried.

Thankfully, a good percentage of you do buy something.

Last month, the 230+ items I sold through Amazon almost paid our mortgage. And that’s all we’re trying to do - keep moving forward so we can buy more groceries and live indoors another month., one day at a time.

I must say I’m looking forward to my first Independence day parade the day after tomorrow and I hope to  be able some great photos. We also have family coming too and that will be great too Be sure to come back later in the week to see all the fun I’m having here ?

Dog Photo of the Day