Just a Little Stroll...

Now that the nice weather is here, we like to go for a run most evenings, but due to the excitement I had earlier this week I thought a stroll would be more prudent for the next few days until I find my sea legs. But, I brought my camera with me and I’m always amazed at the stuff you see if you’re looking for it..

A nice night, don’t you think?

Garbage Night Here. I think these guys are a day early due to the memorial day holiday, but there we go.

Say hello to the enemy. THE CAT!!! Oh Boy does the dog  hate cats. The cat, as you can see was rather indifferent.

One day when I grow up I want to be able to grow roses like this.

I think this would look good in our  70’s house.

Pollen in the air = non stop sneezing.

Only a few open lots left around the corner.

and it seems every neighbour has one of these.

I case I get lost..

This swing looks like fun.

Dog Took This One.

I wonder if every city has their name on the manhole covers

We’re getting new neighbours!

We already have these as neighbours.