Jekyll vs Wordpress


I’m conflicted when it comes to what software to use for blogging. I have more than once switched from Jekyll to Wordpress and then back again.

The Pros of using Wordpress for writing are obvious: Over a third of the internet runs on it and all you have to do is fire up your web broser and start to write (assuming you prefer to write in the wordpress editor vs some other app).

With Jekyll the pro is speed. As it’s a static site there’s no database to configure and for the most part you don’ have to worry about plugins and other stuff that could go wrong. Also depending on where you choose to host your site it could be free to host it. I use firebase as it’s both free and run by Google so the page loads are fast.

I guess if there’s one big difference it’s speed. Static sites are just faster. It makes sense that they would be because without the overhead of Wordpress and databases it takes a lot less resources to serve some plain text and to call a few images.