January 2019 in Review

It’s kind of obvious what the highlight of the month was:

Hello World

She entered the world on January 26 and my life hasn’t bee the same since. 🙂

As far as writing goes, I didn’t do too badly compared to some other months but there’s room to improve. Unlike December, I spent less time tweaking and more time on writing. I still don’t have the habit down everyday but it’s getting better and better.

I think my big challenge in the upcoming months will be to find the time to write regularly because well., I’m a Dad now. It doesn’t really feel all that different yet as SP is still in the NICU so when we’re home there’s no change so my screen time is about the same as it’s always been. This will change soon.

Earnings from this site were pretty much non existent when it comes to making money from my efforts, but now that she’s here that’s not really my focus anyway so whatever. I would like to make enough to cover my web hosting costs but even that’s so cheap that it doesn’t really matter.

While SP is in the NICU I am still working, but that’s about to change in a few weeks when I go on family leave to bond with my little girl for a few months. I’m the primary caregiver so it’s important that we get off to a good start.

The goal for February is to get her home to me and out of the NICU.

The rest doesn’t really matter.

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