Ive Got Some Splaining To Do

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title: I’ve Got Some ‘Splaining To Do.

date: 2013-04-06 20:45

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Hey, Hi.

I guess I should explain where I’ve been, but first - like the new look? I think it looks petty snazzy and I knew when I saw it I had to have it. It cost me $20.00 (don’t tell BW) but I think it’s worth it.

Back to where I’ve been:

Remember when last time I noted that I got a job? Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m not the car salesman type it seems. Hey, I tried.

Moving on..this gives me more time to blog! I found working 50 plus hours a week really cut into your leisure time. ?

But now that I’m un/underemployed once again that doesn’t mean it’s a life of leisure around here, no sirree. BW has me busy busy busy.. today for instance, she had me out in the garden:


You’ll also note the fuzzy helper to my left in the photo above. You’ll also note the lack of  work by BW.  (she was the official photographer).

Like most tasks, BW gets the idea and somehow ropes me in to actually completing said task (deck painting anyone? - or maybe leaf raking). Anyway, we know how this pans out - I’m slugging bags of rocks and she’s playing ball with a fuzzy carrot eater:


BW has decided thedog eats carrots.

Now, this would  not be such a bad thing if she fed the dog the carrots, but like the gardening.. she’s the brains and apparently I am the brawn and that includes feeding the dog, snacks included.

At least the dog won’t go blind.

Spring has sprung

Now, the good news! It’s spring!  It wasn’t a real good winter for us. I mean heck, I got a job (well, had) and BW scared the beegeebers out of me when she wouldn’t wake up for days after bonking her head.

So we’re real happy to be able to go outside together (even if I get roped into the heavy lifting) with some sunshine and warmer climes. And we are ready:

We have fruit:


and daffodils:


And lastly: lots of iced tea (BW’s latest vice)



We were at the grocery store today and I saw these drink dispensers on display and thought to myself: why would anybody need that?. I then went to find BW and guess what was in the cart? You guessed it.

We now have gallons of iced tea if anybody wants to stop by.

Speaking of not being around..

Guess who’s going to be alone home with the dog all summer? (along with 72 frozen pizzas). Yup, me. BW has booked a plane ticket to go to Paraguay this summer for six weeks. Me? I’m here with the fuzzy one and a job jar which so far has me painting and shampooing carpets and I’m sure other tasks. I’d go with, but it’s a work thing but also in Paraguay it’s winter in July.

Have a nice trip BW. The fuzzy one and I will be sunbathing on our freshly painted deck. Bring a sweater.



Love, Tidy Husband and (man’s best) friend.