iTunes Download Help

Apple iTunes is one of the last Apple Applications I use as I find it much easier to work with a soundtrack playing to help me get my work done faster than if I had to work in silence, and  I also am able to rent movies with Apple iTunes too, all by downloading free software from Apple that allows me to listen to my music, find new music and movies ( I’m not much interested in TV shows from Apple, but they are available) and the best part is that the iTunes download is free.

Almost Free iTunes Software

There’s no such thing as free most times and you usually have to exchange some sort of value to get your free Apple iTunes download and before you can start to download the free Apple software you’re required to do two things: you have to provide Apple with your email address and what country you are in as well. In my case, this means my country options are Canada and either english or french, and there’s also two check boxes asking  you if  you would like to receive the new on itunes newsletter that from what I can gather comes out weekly, and also whether you want to be kept up to date on all the other Apple news on Apple products in addition to the emails about what’s on sale at the iTunes store.

If you’re unsure Apple answers your questions on why you may want to receive all this stuff. I have found that Apple is pretty good with emails and only sends a handful of emails over the year about new products and as a fan of Apple computer I like to know what’s up anyway so  I leave the default as checked and enter my email address.

Once I have made my deal with Apple I am now able to download Apple iTunes for free  and install it on my Mac or PC with ease and start to add music to my library if this is a brand new Apple iTunes install or if it’s an Apple iTunes upgrade I can start to enjoy the benefits and security updates the new iTunes software download offers.

Downloading Apple iTunes is pretty easy and safe. You do have to surrender your email address to get the free iTunes software but I feel that’s a fair price for the value offered by Apple’s iTunes software.