It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

No, really. It is:


I woke up to this. After dinner, I was showing thedog how to take a nap on the couch (not that she needs any practice) when I/we awoke to a wee bit of a weather change in the hour we were out. It’s cooled of considerably and if the rumbles outside the window are any indication things may get a bit wet later…

Anyway, I want to talk about dresses and offer some husbandly advice on the topic too. But first, a conversation between BW and I earlier today:

[7/19/13 10:39:14 AM] BW:

[7/19/13 10:39:28 AM] BW: do you like this dress?

[7/19/13 10:39:32 AM] BW: it is a different color.

[7/19/13 10:39:36 AM] BW: that is why I liked it.

[7/19/13 10:39:41 AM] BW: What do you think?

[7/19/13 10:39:55 AM] BW: dress porn.

[7/19/13 10:39:55 AM] Jim: it’s nice. can’t really see - have a thing in front asking me to singnup

[7/19/13 10:39:57 AM] BW: ?

[7/19/13 10:40:03 AM] BW: oh. Pain in the butt.

[7/19/13 10:40:13 AM] Jim: I get the right half.

[7/19/13 10:40:22 AM] BW:

[7/19/13 10:40:28 AM] BW: Did that work better?

[7/19/13 10:40:31 AM] BW: no sign up?

[7/19/13 10:40:35 AM] Jim: that’s better.

[7/19/13 10:40:42 AM] Jim: you have one similar,

[7/19/13 10:40:49 AM] Jim: with the scrunchy at the side…

[7/19/13 10:40:51 AM] BW: well it is in style the look.

[7/19/13 10:40:53 AM] BW: yep.

[7/19/13 10:40:56 AM] BW: thinning.

[7/19/13 10:41:03 AM] BW: it is the color that I sort of like

[7/19/13 10:41:05 AM] BW: different.

[7/19/13 10:41:07 AM] BW: not the usual.

[7/19/13 10:41:08 AM] Jim: I know. reddish.

[7/19/13 10:41:13 AM] BW: orangie.

[7/19/13 10:41:14 AM] BW: Ithough.

[7/19/13 10:41:16 AM] BW: donno.

[7/19/13 10:41:23 AM] BW: anyway.

[7/19/13 10:41:26 AM] BW: I don’tknow.

[7/19/13 10:41:42 AM] Jim: ha. I can’t see the price.

[7/19/13 10:41:45 AM] Jim: just as well…

[7/19/13 10:41:50 AM] Jim: ?

[7/19/13 10:41:54 AM] Jim: ignorance is bliss.

[7/19/13 10:42:06 AM] BW: about 35 bucks

[7/19/13 10:42:17 AM] Jim: OK. you’re in charge

Guys, please pay attention to my last statement because it’s important. I said: “OK, you’re in charge”. You don’t know how much time, effort I’ve learned to get to understand that this statement has all the power in the world.

Why? I agreed with BW’s needs. She needed to tell her it was a nice dress. I did. **BW is happy. **

See how that works? Now, I don’t know a nice dress from a crappy dress and have spent the past few weeks bouncing around in shorts with BBQ sauce down the front of ‘em (how the mighty have fallen) but I know two things:

BW likes this dress.

BW is the boss of me.

It took me a loooong time to realize item number 2, but guys it’s true. Your goal in your marriage is one thing: **Make your wife happy. **. Remember at the altar all the stuff about sickness and in health? Nowhere did the priest/minister/justice of the peace, whomever say that if you don’t keep your wife happy, you will regret ever standing here in front of me. But they didn’t give you any real advice on how to deal with everyday sickness and in health stuff, like…dress opinions. They say ‘you may now kiss the bride’ and then you’re left to your own devices.

But I’ve come to understand - and from my limited testing with this theory that I’m finding for the most part - it’s true.  When you realize this your life gets soooo much easier when you agree with your wife’s opinion, well…trust me it’s easier. resistance is futile, you may as well go over to the dark side.

Now if you read our little conversation above you’ll note I screwed up a few times:

_[7/19/13 10:40:42 AM] Jim: you have one similar_ > >

What I should have said was that this was the prettiest dress I have ever seen  and OMG it’s beauuutiful.


[7/19/13 10:39:55 AM] Jim: it's nice. can't really see - have a thing in front asking me to singnup > >

I tried to dodge the whole conversation saying that I can’t see the dress and also: oh look! squirrel!!!

But BW is persistent and found me a photo to look at:  


Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 1.27.43 PM


This just goes to  show you I’m not the perfect husband yet and I’ve still got some learning to do. But guys, if your wife ever, ever asks any advice about clothing your answer needs to be positive. This applies to socks or dresses or coats or sweaters or whatever.

Your wife doesn’t want to hear your opinion. She wants you to confirm hers. 

Especially when it comes to dresses or shoes.