It Snowed This Week

It’s been a few days since my last update I’m not sure where to start, but let’s get the good news first:

I had a few days off from work because this:

image alt text

We got walloped with a nor’ easter and it was unusally because usually we get spared for the most of it because we’re north of lake erie and we miss out on most lake effect snow storms but not this time! .

But we survived.

At Least There Was Pie

Before the Storm:

image alt text

After the storm:

image alt text

But the storm did take us by surprise, (I was also surprised that BW bought me a pie) and there was bit of shoveling that had to happen because my car was just a little buried:

image alt text

Meanwhile… BW’s Car?

Oh she gets the garage where her car is nice and snow free and toasty warm. Because, pecking order.

image alt text

Luckily I had some help with all my shoveling:

image alt text

Actually, the dog was a good help during the storm as she herded BW in the back forty on the way back from the compost bin:

image alt text

And by the end of the day our little helper was pretty much toast:

image alt text

But at least we were able to turn up the heat.

Oh, wait…

image alt text

This is a photo of a furnace that won’t fire and needed a $300 cash infusion. (at least we found the christmas cup)..

So I asked google for a recommendation for heating and air conditioning company and I found a great guy who was fast, friendly and reasonable for the repair and we now have heat again.

We’ve got BW’s mom here up for a few days and she drove six hours just to bake me a pie!! (ok, and maybe visit her daughter) but also: THERE’S PIE !!!

To summarize boy, are we glad the week is over. We survived 2 feet of snow and a furnace out in the past few days, so now we are really ready for for spring (I’m not sure I’m ready for the spring chores though).

In the meantime, we had to bring a bit of spring indoors:

image alt text

Until next time…

TH and Co!