Is Your Refrigerator Running?

I get a call from BW just as I am leaving work:

“What do you NOT want to do tonight?”, she asks.

Ummmm… I give up. Tell me.

“We are going refrigerator shopping”, she tells me.

Our fridge has died.

Oh. Good.

So I forget hitting the grocery store on the way home because what would be the point?

About 10 minutes later, she calls me back and informs me that the fridge is once again running.

Good. Crisis Averted. $1000+ Saved.

Once I get home,we realize the real problem with the fridge: The light bulb is burned out.

My guess is this: BW opened the fridge and was greeted with darkness and went into OMG WE NEED A NEW FRIDGE mode. She didn’t hear it hum so so she assumed the worst. But in fact the fridge was off because it was cool enough. But the lights were indeed burned out.

At least this is what I am going with. I could be wrong but my backup pie in the freezer is still frozen so that’s good because otherwise it would be PIE FOR BREAKFAST!

And to think I didn’t know what I was going to write about earlier today.

BW to the rescue once again.