Is Evernote Premium Worth It?


Is it worth paying for a notes app?

I think it is.

I have tried every other notes app and I keep coming back to evernote.

The main benefit (for me) is that any post I write with Marxico automagically gets synced to evernote. This means that I can have all my writing in one spot and not have to worry about it finding that write

I coughed up the dough for the premimum plan

I have paid for evernote premium because due to the fact that a few months ago they changed their policy and would allow 2 devices to use the evernote app. For most of us, that means a mobile device and a computer. For my use that’s not enough.

When the switch was made to this new policy they offered a half price offer on the premimum plan and I thought ‘what the heck’ - it’s only $35.00 a year for the first year. I’ll try it and see how I like it.

So far, so good.

I’m not an evernote power user. I just want to be able to quickly add a note, save my writing and add other sundry items I collect like dry cleaning stubs and business cards.

I don’t use most features. I don’t use reminders. I prefer to use todoist for that (another $28.00 a year) or even good old google.

I don’t add handwriting or record audio notes.

I have 2 notebooks: one for this site, and one for everything else. I don’t tag much (every word is a tag) and I don’t share notes or use any of the advanced features.

The gateway drug to getting organized

The main reason I use the premium plan is the fact that it was pretty cheap the first year and it’s a great way to get organized.

My purchase of evernote was definitely in impulse buy and had I researched a bit more it turns out you can use the web app for free:

> > > > Many people have asked whether Evernote Web, accessed from a desktop browser, counts as a “device” for Evernote Basic. It does not. You can access Evernote via the web browser from as many computers as you like, even on a Basic account. > > > >

perhaps this purchase wasn’t the best idea after all as I do most of my work on a Chromebook, and as there is no native app for evernote anway on either linux or ChromeOS this might have not been my most frugal buy.

I could have used a free notes app

Google Keep


Google Keep is a free app so why would I not use keep vs evernote? I find that google keep is good and offers the ability to add images and notes and with an extension for chrome allows you to add pages from Chrome to keep too but I find the interface not as well designed as I would like. In some views the font size is all over the map and to me it’s hard to use for every day notes. I have tried in the past and yet I find that there’s just too much friction to using this app.



I really like simplenote as it’s the only way to really write in markdown when it comes to a note taking app. All others are rich text.

The advantages of simplenote are many:

It’s simple. there’s not much to it. You have a list of your notes on the left and you write your notes on the right.

It’s available for almost every OS or device. If you have an electronic device, then chances are very good you can run the simplenote app.

It’s free as in beer.

You can share notes, collaborate on notes and even edit revisions, but you can’t add an image easily.

In some ways simplenote is very similar to my favorite writing app on the Mac: Ulysses. Simplenote is of course, simpler and costs less but you could easily do all your writing with simplenote.

Microsoft OneNote


I really haven’t tried OneNote by microsoft execpt for a small amount of time, but the vote is still out on this one. I quickly opened the app and could not for the life of me figure out how to add jut plain text so I quit this note app quickly and moved on.

Perhaps I will look at in further in a new post and explore this app in more detail

It’s all about the Web Clipper

One of evernote’s best features is the web clipper. Evernote calls it the save button for the web and I have to agree.

This liitle browser extension allows you to save entire websites, just the article itself, a full page, a screenshot and more.

Once you clip the page you want, you can annotate, highlight, crop and more. I find this app very useful and worth the price of admission alone compared to the others listed above. Google keep comes close with their extension but the web clipper for evernote is better I feel.

Other Features

I will write another article to explore the other features later but I think evernote premium might just be worth it even if I don’t use all the features.

I have used the option to scan a business card and then add it to my contacts, I have added images and then emailed those images as needed

Of course evernote premium offers a few more features like google drive integration (something I like as I rely on google drive for all my offline storage), loads of storage and the ability to search text in images (this is huge)

Mobile apps get a passcode so that if I lose my mobile device my life in evernote isn’t lost for good.

One of my favorite features is the ability to email your evernote account. If I get emails like passwords or purchase receipts then all I have to do is forward the email to my evernote account’s email address so when the time comes I can find the info I am looking for.

Finding your stuff

If you can’t find your stuff a notes app is useless and I think this is where evernote premimum really shines. almost all content is searchable and because I am not the type to be over-organized when it comes to note organization.

I want an app that allows me to quickly enter stuff so I can find it later and evernote’s search function allows me to do that. I don’t bother much with notebooks or tags but because all text is searchable I’ve always been able to find what I am looking for.

Integration with other apps

This is another area where evernote shines. Almost every app that allows bookmarking of some kind will allow me to send to evernote. My favorites are drafts for iOS and feedly that allow me to find or create something and then save it to evernote.

My favorite app for evernote integration has to be Marxico. it cost $15.99 a year, (I just renewed today) but it is the best markdown editor for all devices I have tried, and the evernote integration works for me every time. I write, and when I save the entire note - text and images goes to evernote.

This allows me to later search quikly for articles I have written in the past, and if I need to I can modify my note quickly and then sync it again with evernote.

Evernote and Marxico are at the center of my current workflow and I could not work witout them.

Is evernote worth the price?

We all work hard for our money and our computing need are different but as time goes along using computers have provided us with so much data it’s hard to keep track of it all and this is where evernote comes in.

This app allows you to share, create and organize and find your stuff.

I paid $35.00 for the first year thanks to the promo a few months back and at that price it’s a no-brainer.

But at $69.90 it is double the price and I work pretty hard for that money. It’s not much money, but I guess the question is - could you do with a cheaper option like the plus or even the free versions of evernote?

For light users it’s hard to beat free and when you add the other free options I have listed above it might be worth it save the money on evernote and use the free options.

But for yours truly who spends a a lot of time online and likes to find the stuff he has to remember or created I think the $70.00 annual fee is pretty reasonable to stay organized.

They say that time is money and for me the time I save knowing that with a few clicks I can find what I am looking for easily then yes, I feel it’s worth it to be organized when using my computer and mobile device.

Another plus is there are no limits to devices you can use with evernote premium. I can switch between linux, chromeOS, iOS and android and I can access evernote with all of them. Combined with Marxico I can start writing on one device and then finish on another without missing a beat.

When the time comes I will be renewing my evernote premimum subscription. I think it’s worth it.

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