Is A Memory Upgrade for a MacBook Pro Worth It?

I think adding or even maximizing memory on any computer is worth it, regardless of whether it’s a MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac or any other Apple computer on sale today. All Apple models (and most PC models too) can benefit from a memory upgrade, and especially the MacBook Pro.

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With the MacBook, one could argue that for most MacBook users, the 2GB of RAM that these consumer notebooks ship with from the factory is enough ram for most general computing needs such as email, web, facebook and Apple’s applications that ship with the Apple MacBook at no extra charge and they would be right. You can do just fine with 2GB of RAM on an Apple MacBook.

But a MacBook Pro is a different story. This is a professional grade notebook computer from Apple that offers added expansion ports, faster processor, and more memory expansion opportunities than what’s possible with the lesser MacBook model. Why would you not want to run your very expensive apple notebook computer as fast as you possibly can?

Maxing out the Memory on a MacBook Pro is the most cost effective upgrade you can do for this Apple notebook. At time of writing this, Apple MacBook Pro 8GB RAM sells for as little as $110.00. Assuming you maximize your new and current MacBook Pro to the full 8GB and keep your professional notebook for one year, the MacBook ram upgrade works out to a little over $9.00 a month. What other way can you spend so little money to make you work faster? We’re talking 30 cents a day to upgrade your MacBook Pro so it will run faster, open more applications and just run smoother overall.

To summarize – yes, I think upgrading the MacBook Pro RAM is worth it. RAM Upgrades are the best bargain in computing available today.