Is 4GB Of RAM Enough for MacBook Pro?

The new MacBook Pros from Apple come standard with  4GB installed as default.  Some of the older MacBooks can also accept a maximum of 4GB and until just recently – as in a month ago – 4GB was the maximum in most MacBook Pros on sale by Apple.

8GB MacBook Pro RAM under $100

To answer your question? It depends.

I know it sounds kind of vague so let me explain: I’ve got a text document open and so it takes some RAM to run Mac OS and  a wee bit more to launch and keep open the application  (and a few other application  I have open like Mail and Safari ).

And then my Mac waits. for me. Even if I could fill my MacBook Pro with 64GB of RAM my mac’s still going to be waiting for me to type another letter or character. I type about 40 words per minute and let me tell you the speed of the RAM is much faster than that.

But let’s say I then go out and record a full HD movie at the biggest full high definition resolution and download that video to my computer so I can share with my friends the great time I had at the beach or dinner or whatever..I made a movie and I want to share it.

But first I want to edit the movie and take out the part where I dropped the camera in the sand and then there was the part in the movie where I was just loading the car so I don’t want my friends to see all the junk I have in my trunk. I also want to make some cool little  titles  and fades and other stuff in iMovie so  at the end of the movie my friends say “wow that’s a great movie”.  To do all that is going to take a whole lot more ram than the stock ram configuration that comes with the MacBook Pro. And even if I could do all my movie editing with the current ram – more ram can’t hurt. Moving those pixels around whether it’s still or video takes a whole  lot more processing power and memory than the stock configuration of MacBook Pro.

Also there’s the saying, and I’m sure you’ve heard it: You can never have enough ram or hard drive space. I’ve never regretted buying RAM. Even if it’s been too much at the time of purchase. RAM is cheap. You can fill  up your MacBook Pro for about $200 and this  is much cheaper than some software like Photoshop or Lightroom even.

4GB for the MacBook Pros will do just fine for facebook, email and light computing such as word processing. When you get into the processor intensive stuff like photo editing or movie editing  – buy all the RAM you can afford.