Internet and Pie

I spent half an hour scraping the ice and snow off of my car this morning:

Only to find that the car wash was closed at work so even if I spent some time digging out the cars after the storm there was no way to wash them once I dug them out. If the cars aren’t clean I can’t very well photograph them.

So… I came home to BW.

She was doing something with little strips of paper and organizing a conference or something. I suggested that there was a computer upstairs that might make that easier but she was happy with her 1000 little strips of paper so whatever - happy wife, and all.

Me? I bought a faster router for my wireless system at home now that I’m living the ad-free lifestyle and spent a good part of the day setting it up. BW was not happy when I told her there was no internet for a while.

Had a very nice dinner and BW made me another pie. (pie count: 3)

So all in all a pretty good day at the end. We havDon’t panic yet though!e internet and pie - what more could a guy want?