Install RAM in MacBook Pro 2010

MacBook Memory UpgradesYou do know that it’s pretty easy to install the ram you buy from third part memory stores yourself, yes? In fact it’s not too hard at all to install RAM in MacBook Pro 2010 models at all.

You do need a few things to start, like a clean static free work surface and a small philips screwdriver but other than some time to take your time and go slowly you can install MacBook Pro ram yourself and save yourself any unneccesary installation fee.

In fact, it’s so easy that Apple has instructions on MacBook Pro RAM installations and upgrades so it’s not just due to the fact that I’m familiar with ram upgrades, the good folks at Apple think you’re up to the task too.

The very first thing you need to do is to shut off your computer. Don’t put it to sleep but really shut off your computer. You don’t need anything to be powered up when you’re installing or replacing ram upgrades.

Then you’ll need to close the MacBook Pro and flip the MacBook Pro over and remove the bottom cover with the ten screws that are holding it in place.

Once you’ve got the screws out and put aside safely, you want to be sure to discharge any static electricity build up that might happen by touching something metal on the MacBook Pro.

With the cover off, you’ll see the RAM modules from the factory right there. You don’t have to remove any hard drives or anything. What you do have to do is push the levers that hold the factory ram out so that the memory modules pop out at a 45 degree angle and then slowly remove the ram by pulling lightly the ram out of the memory socket.  Do the same for the bottom ram module too.

Now that you have empty RAM slots you’re ready to install your memory. There’s notches on the ram modules that line up with the memory upgrade sockets, so there’s really no way you can screw this up. With the notches lined up, insert the ram into the memory upgrade slot at about a 45 degree angle. You may have to push a bit as those memory sockets are designed to be a tight fit. Then all you do is push downwards on the ram so that it’s sitting flat an parallel to your desktop and the two little springs should click into place to hold the memory upgrade in.

Then just do the same again for for the second or top memory upgrade socket for the MacBook Pro – line up the notch, install the ram at 45 degrees until the ram is seated in the slot and push down until the two little tabs lock the memory module in place.

Replace the bottom with the ten screws  and you’re done. Turn the MacBook Pro over, press the power button and the operating system will automatically recognize your new maximum ram for MacBook Pro.

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of installing ram yourself, I suggest buying 8GB MacBook Pro RAM and maxing out the MacBook Pro 2010.