It’s payday here.

And that means we get to buy food, because where did all the food go?

In the olden days of yore we would actually go to the grocery store, find the stuff we wanted to eat and then check out with it, load the car and unload the car and put away.

But that’s so 2000’s. We’re in the age of the internet so fast forward to today.

BW wakes up.

BW checks bank balance.

BW fires up the instacart app and orders groceries online.

BW goes back to bed while she waits for the groceries to show up at the door.

I remember when getting chinese food delivered was a big deal. Now we get all the food delivered.

And I have e to tell you, it’s worth it to have somebody else do your shopping. I think we save money this way on our grocery bill too because BW stays away from the expensive cheese and brings home 50 bucks worth of fancy cheeses.

This doesn’t mean we never set foot in a store, because: milk but it sure does cut down on the impulse purchases.

The cost is reasonable. There is a five dollar delivery fee and a 10% fee on the total. Essentially it’s the same as a tip on a nice meal out but for the same money we get many nice meals at home which taste better, are healthier and include snacks too .

Lastly, they deliver pie. It’s a dream come true.