Incremental Improvement

Every Day, my goal is to be a little better. Be a better husband, learn a new skill (yoga, anyone?), but what really gets my motor running is when it comes to my  entrepreneurial advances.

As B knows too well ( just  like I know the Chaco is very dry) I live and die by Google. I’ve had great days and not so great days but when you keep slugging away at it you get what is probably the most valuable thing - even better than money - and that’s data.  And with data, you can make more money. What I do  is not rocket science - I write online, on blogs just like this one and I write about some topics I think may be of some help to others.

A real world example of this would be this site: Two weeks or so this was an idea. I found a theme, installed a blogging system or content management system and started writing.

At first, nobody showed up. Then some family and friends found me on facebook and started to read the trials and tribulations of my tidy husband-ness. And then after a few weeks  of writing - strangers started to show up and there’s no way I would be able to answer their question without the data:  But, by searching Google - they give it  to me:

This is the very first search term for Tidy Husband. As it’s a question about soap and  I find it rather fitting that I answer a question about being clean. This means Google thinks this too as it rewarded me with a number 3 ranking on the front page for this term. Not too bad for a two week old website.

This is what’s known  as a long tail search term. I’ll never ever, at this point be on the front page of Google for ‘soap’, but I will eventually get searches for all the other topics I  write about here.  Not a lot at first, and for some pages - not at all,  but if you keep writing you get more more and more searches over time.

About the Money

Some bloggers just like to write as their hobby, but I prefer to get paid for my writing. I’ve made to date with this site something like two bucks and money making isn’t really the focus of this site, but what I have found is that if you write topical and helpful articles that really add value  -  the average income for every article I publish works out to be  just under $2 a month. So to make ten thousand dollars a month, I need to write 5000 articles - and that’s what I intend to do. I have about 500 under my belt, now so I’m well on my way and my income reflects that. If you’re swift I just told you how much I make with the articles I write.

Just like any company that creates, some products sell really well (Big Mac) and some are absolute duds (McRib). But the best sellers pay for all the duds. One article can pay your mortgage.

Every article I write takes me  about 20 minutes to bang out - maybe a half an hour.  So every hour I work I just added $4.00 to my monthly income - A full workday brings another $32.00 a month. In a month, I make another $640.00 a month. Do you get a $640 monthy raise?

As time goes on, you get better at figuring out what will make you more money and what will make you less.  You just have to keep banging away at the keyboard. Answering Questions is fun and so are comparing items.

Using the Soap topic, one article I may write might be:  Where can I Buy Softsoap Online? or Who has the Best Price on Softsoap, or 10 Uses for Softsoap You Didn’t  Know

I have facebook friends that write novel length facebook posts and all they are doing is creating more value for Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re going to write, make it for your own site. You don’t need any programming skills and there’s lots of places to write and get paid or blog for free. You don’t have to know a thing about computers to do this either.

Forget the money and just write. 

My number one enemy in all this is internet access and the blinking cursor. Some days are  hard to get started . One reason I created this site is just to get me started writing  some days.

Patience is also a factor. This doesn’t happen overnight. In two plus weeks with this site, I made 2 dollars. It’s real hard to convince your wife that it makes sense to work for nothing for the first year or even two before you see any real money. Thankfully, I married the best wife ever. I’m rich in so many ways.

Be Accountable. 

I may be the ultimate time waster and putter-er but I also know when I say something I’m going to  do  it and that starts today. But  first I need a goal: I think making $100 a day is a good start. That’s $36,000 a year. Not too shabby of an income for walking the dog and keeping the bathroom clean. I do have a few sites that have been sitting on the back burner  for some time that would  be perfect for this project and  I want to report my victories here.  I’m thinking monthly would be a good start so I’ll report on the May income in early June. Over time, both my word count and income should  increase. I think it would be really cool to write a million words, regardless of how much money I make.


PS. About the photo:  When I moved to the USA, one change I had a hard time with was well, lack of change. Coins, that is. All of a sudden I have a big wad of cash in my pocket only to realize that I really only have four bucks. So, I started to toss my dollar bills and coins in a coffee tin. Over 5 months we have close to $200 in cash and who knows how much in coins. B has wanted  to spend it numerous times, but I want to save it for a whole year. At the rate we’re going, we could have over $500 in that can by years ‘end if not more. That’s a weekend away somewhere, or maybe even a week if  we plan right. And I don’t miss those dollar bills one bit.