iMac RAM Memory in 2010

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I have been monitoring memory prices for iMac since the very beginning with the very first  iMac ever released and I have come to realize that this very popular computer continues to offer the best bang for your dollar when shopping for an Apple desktop computer. And the value increases tremondously if you add more RAM to your Apple iMac – especially if you choose to maximize the amount of Memory installed in  your computer.

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When deciding on the best memory upgrade size to install in new computers, or iMacs rather,  our friends at Apple are most concerned with installing the bare minimum of RAM so that the Mac OS will load on the iMac and maybe an application will run – something like Apple’s Mail program or Safari the Apple web browser.

But what if  you want  to get the most performance out of your iMac? You add more memory. Memory for the Apple iMacs have dropped in price considerably especially for the larger 8gb and now 16GB memory upgrade kits. When the 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz memory for Apple iMacs first came on the scene you’d be digging deep deep deep into your pockets and you’d not be suprised to pay almost what the Apple iMac costs but just in adding new RAM or Memory. 4GB RAM was priced at almost $500 per memory module.

Thankfully with any new technology ram prices keep on dropping over time and now you can buy 4GB DDR3 for much less yet still get the benefit of maximum performance that a maxed out iMac can provide you.

And now with the newer and latest iMacs you can even expand the RAM to a whopping 16GB on the new and current Apple iMacs with intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. Just a few memory stores supply ram for the 2010 Apple iMacs but over time you can bet more and more will come online and start to supply ram for the 2010 Apple iMacs. So far, I know Crucial Technology, OWC, RAMJET and DMS stock and carry RAM for the new Apple iMacs that require the 1333MHz RAM upgrades.

16GB for Apple iMac 2010 models is still a little pricey but if you make your living with your Apple iMac the price is not even a consideration really as your time is worth much more than any upgrade memory price and you should be able to recoup the investment in no time with your new iMac working away at maximum capacity.

You will not regret an iMac 2010 memory upgrade, regardless of cost.