I'm Going To Stop Feeding You

The above is what BW said to me if I didn’t get my fingers to the keyboard and write her a post (she thinks this site is just for her) .

Because it’s been well documented that I like to eat here I am, and as the yellow pages ad used to say: I’m letting my fingers doing the walking before BW sends me packing. ?

I Have My Reasons for the Lack of Posting

** alert - nerdy stuff ahead.

They say the worst thing you can do for a blog is to blog about blogging or lack of blogging but I’m going to do it anyway. I’ve been away because I have moved my blogs over to my very own server and switched back to writing with wordpress

I did have this site hosted for free and I would write my posts as plain old text files, and then use a terminal to ‘push’ the post to the server. All very technical and fun for the nerd in me. But then it stopped working, and I got frustrated as I spent too much time troubleshooting and not enough time writing.

So, back to WordPress it is. But where to host my site? I got to shopping around and with all the options out there the plans were either too small for the traffic I get.  (not this site, hell I could mail all my readers my posts) or… too big. I need to host two, maybe 3 sites but my options were for 1 or ten with nothing in between.

This Was Her Idea

I mentioned my problem of hosting to BW at lunch time and she replied: “ You should just get your own server”.

Ooooh. Good Idea. 

It turns out you can rent a server and host your site in Google, Amazon or some other data center. I’m on the cheapo plan but this site is actually hosted on it’s own dedicated server with 1GB of RAM and 30GB of disk space.

If I find I go viral, which is highly unlikely I just upgrade the servers to more space and more bandwidth if my current one starts to get bogged down. The best part is that this is all pretty cheap at something like 0.00002 cents a minute or something :

Screenshot 2017-05-22 at 9.31.28 PM

All this has taken time to get transferred over. The actual site setup was easy and I did it from my phone while waiting at the doctor’s office, but the transferring of posts took some time. Hard to believe, but even with my sporadic posting there’s over 170 posts here of me complaining about my wife.

Anyway moving on…

May the Porch Be With You


I mentioned that this was coming in a previous post that we were getting a new front porch and the day has come. A few weeks ago, this happened:


It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s a big improvement over our old porch so I guess there’s that.  We would have preferred something other than wrought iron railings but  nicer railings cost $1400 more! so that was out.

All in all we’re pretty happy with the porch. It’s up there with spending money on dental work as far as fun spending (and cost about the same too) but we were in dire need of a new porch and now that it’s installed we were just remarking today how nice our little house looks.


Once the porch was installed I called out the chief inspector to have a look and she noted that it was ‘wobbly’ so we had to call the poor guys back as they had just left to get it straightened out but it’s all good now and we even have a fancy welcome mat now.

We Are Eating Well

Our culinary adventures continue. Some meals looking better than others:

We were on a timing deadline the other day so I quickly whipped up a simple meal. Some may say too simple. I called BW down for dinner one day and presented her with this:


She laughed and laughed at her very large broccoli hunk.  Who has time for presentation?

Other meals have been better thanks to blue apron:

IMG_20170517_130056839.jpg IMG_20170503_125504649_HDR

I even got the day off and BW cooked one:


The Project

I don’t know what else to call this.

But BW got it in her head that at work outside her office should be some um, supplies for women available. So, BW started to create one.

She took an old TV tray we weren’t using, an office organizer and  some craft supplies and got to work:


Of course, BW being BW - once she got the idea in her head that this needed to happen then  there was no stopping her. She ran off to the craft store, quickly threw down a moving blanket and got to work:


I don’t have a photo of the finished product as it’s in the garage and it’s dark but I will quickly update this post… to be continued.

Oh, also. While BW was trying to not paint the dog I was in the summer heat pulling weeds and leaves from the edge of the fence and trimming trees. Then it started to rain.

Guess who left all her toys in the rain while I picked them up and put them away?

Exactly.  They call me tidy husband for a reason.

We have Big Bags of Grass


File this under: other crazy stuff BW makes me do.

She came home all excited that our neighbours were throwing out perfectly good bags of grass that she could use for her compost bin and to fed her pet worms.


So, off we all get in the car and ‘rescue’ the grass from the end of the neighbours driveway.

We Have Faster Internet


For both of us that spend too much time online this is a pretty good deal. I took matters and my life in my own hands and called the cable company to see about getting faster speeds and they did. The best part is that it didn’t cost us any more.

For everyday surfing there’s  no much difference but it’s when I upload photos my blog or files to google drive that we really notice the difference.

I bought the ‘range extender’  you see above to see if it would help with the dead spot we get in the  kitchen, but no such luck. I sold it on eBay as it didn’t extend much of anything when it came to our wifi signal.

The Never Ending Chores

Lastly, I’m still busy working on my new sites but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been handy. Look, I hung planters:


Luckily, I had help:


Up next, is to paint the deck and that table. It’s going to be a long  summer.

That’s it for now.

Until next time,

Tidy Husband and Co.