I'm a Mac.


T’was five months before christmas,

and all through the house,

there was screaming and crying

and waving of mouse.

She huffed and she puffed,

and she blew the house down,

and I’m very very sure

they could hear straight across town

The excitement you see,

was based on this quiz:

what better OS?

Mac or PC?

Comments and Accents,

were needed by B.

And when the Mac doesn’t work

she calls upon me.

At that my friends is when

the story goes south.

For I made this mistake:

I opened my mouth.

She just wanted the Mac

to do what she wants.

She doesn’t want answers,

just the comments to work.

I tried and I tried,

to explain that you can’t

The Mac doesn’t have bubbles

and that truly blows.

So now here we are, with the

Apple Koolaid all drunk

Steve said it would work,

but it stinks - like a skunk.

So back we go to the store

with our heads hung so low

We bought a Mac,

but we didn’t know.

Steve said it would be better,

but Bill left some things out.

Microsoft Word is not working,

for B, without doubt.

Now here we sit,

with our old Dell PC

it’s old and it crashes,

but at least it formats

One day they will make

the PC that truly will please

but until that day comes,

I’ll be down on my knees

I’ll pray for a PC

that does what she wants.

Then I’ll be fired.

She’ll need no support

She’ll type and she’ll type

and all will just work

and I won’t feel helpless

like some big old jerk

That I cannot bring her

what she truly needs,

not computers or jewelry,

but just some hot tea.