I Wish There Was iPhoto for Windows

Due to the fact that ram prices are not what they once  were I have had to cut costs in 2011. In December 2010 8GB of RAM would cost you just under $100, but now you can buy 8GB of RAM for close to $30.00.  As you can imagine, the profits on $34.00 are much less than a hundred bucks. One reason for this decrease in ram prices over 2011 have been that demand for RAM has been less as most laptops and tablets come from the factory with enough RAM already installled.

What does this have to do with wishing there was iPhoto for Windows 7?  I had to sell my much loved MacBook Pro and buy a much cheaper windows 7 notebook to work on this site as the earnings have dwindled over the years considerably.

Windows Alternatives to iPhoto. 

I have only been working on the PC exclusively for a few weeks now, but one piece of software I miss is iPhoto. Even though I have a background in photography, I always loved the ease of use in managing my photos that iPhoto offered. I know, there were other software for Mac I could have used, like lightroom or Aperture, but for just importing my photos, a quick cleanup of sharpness and brightness and then  lately, sharing my photos on facebook.

Help, I’ve got  Windows 7.  

Windows 7 actually does a pretty good job of  importing my pics and gives me quick access and  an easy to browse directory of photos and allows me to flag my keepers – one feature I really miss the most with iPhoto.

So, for now my photos are just in my photograph folder on my PC, but I thinking of either working with social networks for photography – either flickr, or picassa by Google. I have been a flickr user in the past, but as Google continues to grow  I  find I like to  consolidate my work using Google apps such as Google Docs or Google mail, I wonder if using Picassa for Windows might be the best way to keep track of my photos as (like Flikr)  I could work in the cloud with not only my documents but my photos too

This is where I miss using my MacBook Pro the most and that’s using iPhoto  to work with my pictures. I have been a Mac user for so long, that any new software for editing photos on Microsoft Windows 7 feels like  it’s such a learning curve and I just wish that  Apple released  iPhoto for Windows like they do with iTunes for Windows or Safari for Windows.