I should have done this a few years ago but I have deleted my facebook account

I should have done this a few years ago, but I have deleted my facebook account.

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It’s been nice knowing you.

I hadn’t visited in some time anyway , so this was coming eventually and today was the day.

I had no reason for it, other than I don’t need to add value to some other guy’s platform, which was what I was doing for over a decade.

I was never a big facebook user and like most, would just use it for updates on life events – getting engaged – getting married – having a baby: all were announced there. And they all got great reactions but like all in the “feed” died down in a few days and life continues on.

And my life doesn’t need to be documented by some other company. I have no ‘tin hat’ theories on the spying or security because I’ve always believed if you publish something publicly it’s out there for good anyway. I just wasn’t using it enough and life could be simpler without one more distraction.

I have much nicer distractions now.