I Like Pie

Spoiler Alert: I’m in the doghouse with BW

You see, this weekend she went away to some conference in virginia and thedog and I stayed home and worked all weekend cleaning the house.

Look, I have proof:

image alt text

*It’s a rough life. *


Upon her return she brought me a surprise:

image alt text

It’s an apple tart. It looks…well…nice. The way an apple tart might want to look.

This is why I’m in trouble: My response to the tart gift was: ‘meh’.

And boy, was** BW miffed at me**. I got the entire spiel: “I drive 9 hours and bring you home a tart and all you do is complain about how you don’t like tarts!”.

(note to BW: I don’t like tarts)

Folks, I can’t explain the reaction to my lack of reaction other than to say it was not good

## But I like Pie

There’s a family joke that I will eat any pie that is round. I don’t care the flavor as long as it meets the requirement of being round, and most importantly:** that it’s a pie!!!**

And therein lies the rub:

I ‘like’ the tart.

I ‘like’ the fact that BW thought of me and brought me home a treat.


You’re Doing it Wrong

You would think that with a few years of marriage under our belts (and more than a few pies) that when shopping for baked goods for her husband that her default purchase would be…oh, I dunno.. a pie?

But nope. I get a tart.

The tart is okay, but…it’s a tart. It’s **not a pie. **And that my dear readers is my complaint.

I tried to explain to BW that she should think about it this way:

I used electric cars as an example.

She’s all about electrics cars and she wants a tesla so bad she can taste it (I bet it tastes better than this tart)

So I argued that if she could imagine “what if I can home with a Chevy Bolt instead?” I argued.

I mean, it’s **kind of like a tesla ** if you factor in the fact that the only real similarity in the two is the fact that they are both electric cars (the bolt though actually exists, unlike BW’s dream tesla)

BW didn’t appreciate my argument about the electric cars, and even worse is the fact that I have reduced my chances of fresh baked goods coming into the house

So to pay for my sins (and hopefully seen another baked good in my married life)

I will put this on the internet:

**I’m so sorry BW about the tart. It was so thoughtful of you and you are the best wife ever. **

The End.

PS. I like pie better than tarts.

PPS. Thedog likes those little doggie cookies.


TH and friend.