i Don't Need It.

There was a time I woud be all over this -  and I have been. But today,  as I watched the Apple Keynote presentation releasing a whole whack of goodies from newer and faster MacBook notebook computers to newer operating systems for both i devices like iPhones and iPads to newer operating systems for their Mac OS I kept thinking as I watched all this:

I don’t need any of it. 

Granted, some of it looks like fun, but I’ll never get used to talking to my phone to have it do stuff or even my computer, so why would I pay a premium? I won’t lie that  the high resolution screen on the new Apple laptop looks pretty spiffy,  but I don’t need any of it. NEED being the operative word here.

Perhaps if our fiscal situation were different I may be tempted sure, but the computer I’m typing on is a fraction of a cost and still a Mac so I get all the good Mac OS stuff for a lot less money.

B and I were out in the mall a few months back, and  as is the usual case  - the Apple Store was packed and we overheard two guys asking each other - what’s  the big deal with the  Apple stuff?  It costs more than any other computer you can buy and their products, while great  - can be pricey. I lived happily in 2009 before the iPad release, oddly enough, and still am. Come to think of it I am the happiest now that I have been in some time and I sold my MacBook Pro on eBay and still don’t have an iPad. Huh.

This new frugality I’m experiencing is quite new to me but the further I travel along this road of less stuff, I realize I’d be happy listening to music and reading a good book which has a much lower hourly cost - especially at the speed I read - I get about a page into the book lately before I’m nodding off. At the rate I’m going…

And the beauty of this is that by happily living with what you have and less of lusting over the next  big thing is that you will have savings for emergencies and even the item you really did want  and not just thought you wanted.  Sometimes the best way to save money is  to stop looking for stuff to buy.  It sounds like such a simple theory, but if you don’t go looking for trouble, you won’t  find  it.

This doesn’t mean we don’t shop online or spend money - we do. B appreciates nice dresses and I still keep up to date on the hobbies I have, and there’s new gear coming out all the time. (this is my current item I am wanting)  But I’m OK with less and less stuff I don’t need and by selling it on eBay you get more money for the stuff you do need.

I think in the case of the Apple stuff or any tech stuff there’s a point where I’m realizing that what I’ve got is good enough.  Take my camera for example: It’s four, almost 5 year old model and I’m using camera lenses from 1990 - Can you tell?  I doubt it. My camera has all the f-stops and apertures and more than enough technological wonders as it is I don’t use.

The same goes with computers or phones: Can you tell what phone I’m using when I call you? How about my computer - can you tell whether I’m typing this on my phone or my Mac or my Acer PC with Ubuntu installed?

Today, I shipped this out the door:


One less thing in our lives and more room for what matters.