I. A Door. You

When we last met I  mentioned that BW was gone for a bit, and that meant that thedog and I could party party party. I mean, look - she’s all dressed up and ready to go:


But I had to tell tex to hold her horses because when the boss is away that means only one thing:


Painting, and then painting some more:


See those doors up there? Like everything in life, the stuff you think will be so easy - isn’t and  when it can go  wrong, it will.

Today’s PSA : If you ever get the good idea to paint doors on your freshly painted deck on a windy day - know this:

  1. Doors are lighter than you think and can and will catch flight. Yes, you read that right. It’s extra fun when they’re wet with paint too and to make matters worse the aluminum paint container also can get airborne at the same time  - the result?


  1. I get to practice my deck painting skills. again.

But, even with a few unexpected surprises (also** four coats for the trim**, BW - just sayin’) the ‘big job’ I had planned to do is done (garage floor painted too for extra husband points for those that are keeping score and playing along) and things turned out pretty nice, all things considered. But, now that it’s done the worst is over. I have to keep BW’s plant alive for the most part from here on in.

JIM_2073 JIM_2071

Speaking of plants..

First, let’s start with the good news: here’s a few photos of what’s been going on here on our  front garden. I take full responsibility for this too and give no credit that maybe the fact that it’s rained every night pretty much might maybe have something to do with it…


anyway, more flower photos!

JIM_2068 JIM_2066

JIM_1968 JIM_1978

Also, BW  - you were right - there are some plants by the mailbox that look like they might be something afterall. I guess our efforts were worth it


there’s just one thing…


I think I might need to weed the garden.

But hey - good news! I got my ride back from the shop. Isn’t she a beauty?


I still think how silly it was that before I showed up to paint everything, cut the lawn, walk the dog do as I am told, BW paid somebody to cut the lawn even though she had 12.5 horses just waiting in the back shed to tackle the lawn with it’s wide 42 inch swath. Now she’s married she lets me ride this around both the front yard and back yard too. She loves me.

Overnight the bathroom vanity light decided it didn’t want to stick to the wall anymore. So, I fixed it. Yes, I did. All by myself. I know! Have a look:


This is a pretty big deal for a whole lot of reasons:

I didn’t name this site handyhusband.com. There’s a reason for this.

I found the breaker to turn off the electricity (hydro, eh?) before I started.

I have an ikea tool kit that cost me $7.00 on sale for my tool kit

there was no drywall for which to re-attach said light fixture.

So after 3 hours up on a ladder balancing the light on my head while I reconnected the wires with the little marettes. (black to black, white to white)  and fought with my crappy IKEA screwdriver kit - I was pretty pleased with myself. At the end the light was on the wall.

So you can imagine I was thrilled with myself at my accomplishment and later when I shared the results with BW, she said:

“I hope it stays up”.

I love it when BW is so supportive. She really shows how much she loves me. ?

Oh well, she does leave me with these fancy steaks to eat while she’s gone away.  They  don’t have these ‘tube steaks’ where I’m from.


Lastly, I’m trying to teach the the dog to vacuum. I’ll let you know how I make out later. I figure it’s her hair on the floor and we all have to pull our weight while BW is away. Equitable.