HP DV6 Notebook Computer Memory Upgrades

The HP DV6 notebook computer lineup comes in many different models and configurations  and has been a popular notebook computer from HP for some time, but I want to concentrate today on the newest and latest HP DV6 series notebooks as these are one of the best selling HP notebooks available today and run either i3, i5, or i7 Intel Core processors and when it comes to ram for the 2011 HP DV6 notebook lineup your best deal and correct RAM to buy is DDR3 1066MHz sdram sodimms.

Out of the box, whether you buy a HP DV6 series notebook from Best Buy, or  Amazon or even from HP directly this notebook comes shipped from the factory various with standard memory configurations depending on processor speed and model number, but  the maximum RAM for the HP DV6 notebooks stays the same at 8GB and unless you buy your HP completely configured with the maximum ram already installed that while is probably the easiest way to upgrade ram on this HP notebook, it’s far from the cheapest and you’re much better off  buying HP DV6 memory from a trusted memory store that guarantees the RAM to work just fine in your HP notebook, but for far less money than what you could expect to spend  on a HP memory upgrade.

HP DV6 series NoteBook Computer RAM Prices

As you can see from above, the  prices above for HP DV6 ram and memory upgrades are quite reasonable with  an 8GB ram upgrade costing today less than $100 which is the maximum memory allowed on this notebook computer using two available memory upgrade slots.

To maximize the memory on your HP DV6 notebook  you will need to replace the memory currently installed  in your HP notebook and replace the memory upgrade modules with larger memory upgrade modules (currently 8GB memory), and after doing so, you will enjoy one of the fastest HP notebooks priced well under $700, just by adding more memory to your HP DV6 series notebook computer by HP.