How to Upgrade your Apple Mac Pro Mac Pro Dual Core 2.0GHz

This particular **Mac Pro from Apple **uses 240 pin sdram dimms and you don’t have to worry about  lack of memory slots with this Apple Mac Pro model  as there’s four banks of memory upgrade slots, and each memory bank contains two different memory upgrade slots on each bank, for a total of eight slots you can install memory for this Apple Mac Pro. From the Factory the **Mac Pro Dual Core 2.0 GHz **shipped with just 1GB of memory, which is almost pitiful in these times but you can do much better with the memory upgrades and max this Mac Pro Model out to 32gb of RAM.

Where to Buy Memory for Apple Mac Pro Dual Core 2.0 GHz

First,  I need to  tell you that vendors of memory upgrades for the Mac Pro’s list both memory upgrade kits and memory upgrade modules for the Mac Pro Dual Core 2.0 GHz.   As memory must be installed in matched pairs, or memory upgrade kit with this particular Mac Pro model, some vendors have chosen to sell and market the memory for this Mac Pro model in memory ugrade kits. This allows the customer to buy a matched pair of memory upgrades and know they don’t need anything else.

But, (and there’ always a but..) some vendors have chosen to stick to listing the memory upgrades for this Mac Pro in just single modules and will assume that the customer is wise enough to buy memory in matched pairs. It’s my opinion that this is a mistake as well..why make it harder than it needs to be to buy ram for your Mac Pro?

Anyway, I here are  memory modules for the Mac Pro

With this info you can make  an educated decision when buying memory upgrades for your Apple Mac Pro 2.0GHz