How To Upgrade Flash Memory

Flash Memory is becoming the defacto memory standard of 2012 and int0 2013 with products from digital cameras to notebook computers and even smartphones using flash memory upgrades for more storage for your data. Flash memory comes in many different form factors depending on the device you want to use flash memory for but  below are some of the more common flash memory upgrades on sale today:

Solid State Drives

Solid state hard drives have become the standard hard drive installed in many new notebook  computers (and to a lesser extent, desktop computers too) thanks to advancements in manufacturing and more demand for the much faster flash storage that SSD drives offer. At time of writing, one can buy a 128GB SSD drive for less than $100 and 256GB SSD drives  can be had for under $200.00. What was once a luxury on the leading edge is becoming more mainstream each and every day. SSD drives offer no moving parts, much faster read and write times and startup times than even the fastest standard drive. The disadvantage to the SSD drive is that larger capacity SSD’s at 512GB and up are still much more expensive than traditional hard drives in the same capacity

Compact Flash Memory

Compact Flash Memory is usually used in more advanced digital cameras such as pro-sumer or  professional DSLR’s and offer faster read and write times than SDHC memory cards can offer that are smaller in size and more popular in compact digital cameras and other devices. Compact Flash memory upgrades are available in a wide array of sizes in speeds but common and best selling compact flash memory upgrades are 32GB  and up to 400x in speed.

SDHC Memory

SDHC memory is available in many sizes. The standard micro SDHC memory cards are a favorite for digital camera and computer users thanks to their smaller size when compared to compact flash memory upgrades.  Micro SD memory cards are also a very popular choice for cellular and smartphones and it’s hard to imagine that storage space of up to 64GB can fit on a memory card smaller than your fingernail.

USB Flash Memory

These might be the most popular types of flash memory and grace many a keychain or computer users desktop. With many shapes and sizes these USB drives or thumb drives come in a variety of  shapes and sizes from standard design to novelty designs shaped like teddy bears. USB flash memory is a popular marketing tool thanks to the fact that you can buy USB flash drives with your  company message screen printed on the flash drive itself. With a cost of under $1.00 each in  some cases, customized usb flash memory drives are a great way to promote your  company and your message or logo.

Where To Buy Flash Memory Upgrades

All of these types of flash memory upgrades are available at numerous stores online but I find one of the best places to buy flash memory of any kind is at Amazon. They constantly have the lowest prices on flash memory regardless of type or size.