How to Start Your Monday

I thought I would write up a guide on how to start your day on Mondays.

The very first thing you want to do is to not leave with too much time. (need more coffee). You want your Monday stress -filled right from the start so be sure to leave with just enough time to get to work as if the sun was shining and there was zero traffic. Also, Google says the traffic is okay and you’ll be fine.

Then go outside and realize that you still have to deal with with this:


Also, Google Maps just updated and hahahaha you’re screwed. There’s a 12 minute slowdown on your way to work, she tells you. Your commute keeps getting longer and longer with each update from the big G.

It doesn’t matter that you just checked five minutes ago and all seemed fine. Now, you’re hosed. You will never make it to work on time.

That’s how you start a Monday.

ps. You get extra points if you can de-ice the car in 3 minutes flat.